The Walking Dead: S6E1 Recap

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The Walking Dead started season 6 with a 90-minute premiere that was a puzzle of black and white and time shifting. And a whole lot of walkers. I liked the time puzzle and the Wizard of Oz color changes.

Heath. The Walking Dead - AMC
Heath. The Walking Dead – AMC /

In the past we learn some things that happened after Morgan showed up. Deanna told Father Gabriel he was wrong. He nodded having realized it already. But Rick is not having it. He shuts down Gabriel at every turn when Gabriel offers his help.

Abe is having a little trouble with drinking and missing the action. Glenn returns with Nicholas. Tara wakes up. Eugene is thrilled. Tara has to learn about Noah and about Nicholas. Maggie tell Tara a touching story about how Glenn saves people and how things can get better. How Tara was on the other side of the fence on the worst day of her life and now she’s one of the most important people in her life.

Morgan and Rick take their time getting to know each other again. Morgan even gets to hold Judith. Rick and Morgan take Pete away from Alexandria because Rick and Deanna don’t think he should be buried within the walls. Pete’s son, Ron, follows them to find out where his father is buried.


Walker. The Walking Dead - AMC
Walker. The Walking Dead – AMC /

When out to leave Pete’s body in the woods, Morgan and Rick discover a huge quarry filled with walkers. This is how Alexandria has remained so safe all this time. But semi trucks that were parked there to block them back at the beginning are ready to fall at the next heavy rain. The walkers have already been slowly escaping.

Rick proposes a plan to draw the walkers out of the quarry and away. It’s an elaborate plan, yet a simple one. Daryl on his motorcycle and Sasha and Abraham in a car will lead them on a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade down the street with bumper walls created by Carter and the community.

They planned a dry run and of course, nothing goes as planned in The Walking Dead so one of the trucks fell during the dry run and they had to put the plan into action sooner than expected.

Nicholas and Glenn seem to be working things out. Nicholas seems grateful not to be exiled and wants to learn from Glenn. Heath is a new character who is also a runner and is working well with Glenn and Nicholas. He’s just returned from a trip.

Morgan Jones and walkers, The Walking Dead - AMC
Morgan Jones and walkers, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Back in the past Carter makes a pitch to Olivia, Spencer and some of the people of Alexandria to kill Rick. Eugene overhears and Carter threatens to kill him. When Rick catches him, we hear the line from the trailer. “Do you know who you’re talking to?” We see Carter and Rick shake hands about the plan working and then Carter gets bitten by the red intestines-tangled-tree-walker.

Then we go back to the past and Rick confesses to Morgan that he didn’t need to kill Carter because he would die no matter what. Even thought he wanted to kill him because he would eventually do something stupid. The time flips here were especially effective.

Jessie let Rick know that she plans to fight and she plans to learn from Rosita and teach her sons. She tells him that Ron won’t hear the lessons from him. I’m proud of Jessie!

Our cliffhanger came when the herd was doing just fine on their parade and out of nowhere a horn starts honking and takes the parade way off route.

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