The Walking Dead: Predictions for JSS [polls]

Enid, The Walking Dead - AMC
Enid, The Walking Dead - AMC /

The premiere of The Walking Dead has finally aired. So now we can start making predictions for episode 2 of season 6. Who is honking that darn horn?

Carter and tree walker Stephen Vining. The Walking Dead - AMC
Carter and tree walker Stephen Vining. The Walking Dead – AMC /

We met a few new people and lost one of them already. We saw in black and white what happened in the aftermath of Reg’s death and then in color what’s going on now with an elaborate plan to lure a quarry filled with walkers away from Alexandria so they don’t start to attack en masse as they have already started to do as stragglers.

In the previews we see the group and the people of Alexandria hiding and being attacked in some way. Who do you think is the threat?

Nicholas seems to want to help now. He must be aware that Glenn isn’t going to tell the town or Deanna about all the bad things he’s done. Do you think he will stay on track or will he panic again?

Father Gabriel wants to help, but is being shut down by Rick and the audience at every turn. Will he ever be forgiven by the group or the audience?

Abraham seemed a little on the crazy side. Is he having issues or is he dealing with things in a good way? Perhaps enjoying his work?

Some other things to consider as we go into episode 2. Will Carol Brady be discovered? How will the town respond to her deception? How are Rick and Jessie getting along? Carl and Enid? What is JSS? Who are the Wolves? Why are they who they are? Will we learn more about Heath and his team? Did Michonne take Morgan’s protein bar? Who’s honking the darn horn? And why?

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