The Walking Dead: Humor in the season 6 premiere

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

Season 6 begins!

The Walking Dead started season 6 last Sunday with an intense episode filled with hundreds of walkers. There were new characters introduced, cool time effects in black and white, storylines connected from last season and started in new directions for this season. The Walking Dead is always exciting, and filled with emotion. But it’s always nice to have happy or light moments.  In the premiere we were treated to some classic Walking Dead style humorous moments.

No, who else?

Everyone loved this moment. People really hate Gabriel.  (My poor Gabe.) When Rick laid out the plan for the walkers in the quarry, he asked for help. He took a few people, but not many people were volunteering. Father Gabriel said he would like to help. Without hesitation or eye contact, Rick said, “No, who else?”

I fully respect the hair game.

Heath. The Walking Dead - AMC
Heath. The Walking Dead – AMC /

Eugene is funny just being Eugene. His delivery is always funny. Tara was happy that nothing happened to Eugene’s hair while she was in bed convalescing. The fact that Eugene was just smiling and not talking freaked her out, which brought sadness to the humor because she asked for Noah to protect her from silly Eugene.

When Eugene met Heath while on substitute guard duty, he was happy to meet someone he considered to be like him. Someone with “radical” hair taste and told Heath that he “fully respected the hair game.

Heath was amusing himself, turning and walking away after that comment. And upon arrival when Eugene wasn’t sure if he should let Heath in because he might kill him, Heath told Eugene he wouldn’t kill him, but the “longer he made him stand there the more he motivated him to beat his ass.”

Common courtesy

Morgan Jones. The Walking Dead - AMC
Morgan Jones. The Walking Dead – AMC /

When Rick asked Morgan about how he learned his stick skills and Morgan hesitated, Rick said, “I ask, you answer. It’s common courtesy, right?” The line isn’t funny. But it’s funny because it makes us smile remembering the first time Rick was captive in Morgan’s house in the first episode ever when

Morgan asked if Rick had been bitten and Rick said no, it was a gun shot. When Rick got sarcastic and said “Gunshot ain’t enough?” to Morgan’s query about nothing else? Morgan said, “I ask, you answer. It’s common courtesy.”

Peanut butter protein bars

Morgan, so seriously asked Michonne about back when she was at the place where he lived. Then he asked her if she took one of his protein bars! When she said no (rather indignantly), he said he could have sworn he had one more peanut butter. Michonne said that’s how it always is. We always think there’s one more peanut butter left.

I’m living, darlin’

Abraham Ford The Walking Dead - AMC
Abraham Ford The Walking Dead – AMC /

In the car with Sasha after helping with a few stragglers, Abraham had an adrenaline rush of Abraham-isms. Those always add some comic relief. Abe is either heading for trouble or hyped up on the new mission. I’m hoping for the latter. He shared a gory and exciting story of how he thinks he still has some of Pete’s brains in his ears and he bogarted Sasha’s rear view  mirror to get a glimpse of his blood splattered self.

I’m supposed to be delivering pizzas,  man.

It’s a funny line, but an important one as well, when Heath says this was supposed to be a dress rehearsal, Glenn tells Heath he’s supposed to be delivering pizzas. It was funny, but it reminded us that the apocalypse waits for no one.

We’ll have plenty of intensity and tears and emotion this season to be sure. I hope we get bits of humor here and there throughout the season and some happiness and hope to sustain us as well.

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