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Jss. The Walking Dead - AMC
Jss. The Walking Dead - AMC /

The Walking Dead has used letters and symbols in interesting ways that have special significance to fans of the zombie apocalypse drama. Most recently the W, A and JSS.

We also have GREATM thanks to Tara. She wrote the initials of the members of the small group on the water bottle caps and rearranged them to create an acronym to refer to their group as a whole to represent solidarity.

The letter A came into play back in Terminus. The group was herded into one of the railroad cars by Gareth. The car that our group ended up residing temporarily was labeled with an A. Poor Sam was is train car D.

The A came back after Carol rescued the gang from Terminus and they found Father Gabriel. Gareth and the Hunters followed the gang into the woods bent in revenge. They painted an A on the side of the church. Gareth’s way of trying to say that he could trap them in a train car anywhere.

Morgan. The Walking Dead - AMC
Morgan. The Walking Dead – AMC /

X marks the spot symbols with circles around them were found on trees in the forest near the church, We didn’t know what those were about for a while.  Gareth let us know they were his way of finding his way back to the road from the woods. Of course, Gareth and the Hunters never made it back out of the woods, but their breadcrumbs helped Morgan find his way to the church and eventually to Alexandria.

The A came back when we reached Alexandria. This was jarring and freaky fun when it first happened. For a moment we all wondered if Gareth somehow returned from the dead or had accomplices or a all kinds of crazy theories. The red A, brought up comparisons to The Scarlett Letter and foreshadowing of Rick and Jessie.

wolves-walking-dead-2-135277 /

It turned out at its most basic, the stamp was simply little Sam’s welcome to Alexandria stamp. You’re one of us now. An innocent and sweet gesture in contrast with the harsh blood stained and carved W on the foreheads of the walkers belonging to the Wolves and on the foreheads of the Wolves themselves.

Our latest letters come from Enid. JSS. Her way of focusing. Her motto or mantra to help herself get through the craziness. Just. Survive. Somehow. These letters would be helpful for all of our characters. They should be put on the town sign. Made into a Tara fist bump. Bump-“JSS, dude!” 

So we have GREATM, A, W, and JSS. I wonder if we’ll have anymore letters introduced. These letters evoke much more than a mere letter. There’s an emotional connection to the letters. Just like TWD!

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