The Walking Dead: S6E02 Recap

Enid. The Walking Dead - AMC
Enid. The Walking Dead - AMC /

The second episode of season 6 of The Walking Dead was an awakening for the residents of Alexandria. An awakening to the dangers of both the walkers and the people. Inside the time that the kitchen timer was set for Carol’s dinner, the town was attacked and a battle with the Wolves was wrapped up.


We get a flashback of Enid with her parents who get eaten by walkers. She adopts a mantra of JSS and survives on her own before eventually showing up at the gates of Alexandria.


Carol, Mrs. Neudermeyer, Olivia and another woman from Alexandria chat in the supply room. In an comment of dramatic irony, the woman tells Carol her cola canned ham makes her honest to goodness hero. Carol is a hero to Alexandria in ways they’ll not know but likely not for her ham.

Carol lays her tough love on Sam and tells him his father hit him and got himself killed. It’s over and Sam needs to “Live with it or it eats you up.” 

Jessie tries to talk to Ron. She reminds him that he can’t raise his arm because of his dad. Ron considers Rick to be dangerous just like his dad. Jessie tells him he’s her friend.

Maggie helps Deanna try to come back from losing Reg by focusing on growth, literally. Planting and showing the people she’s still present.

Eugene and Tara meet the new doctor, who is actually a psychiatrist, who had panic attacks. Pete didn’t want her.

Gabriel talks to Carl about wanting to help and to learn from him. He’s ready to learn now. Carl suggests confessing and offers machete train at 3 pm.

Enter the Wolves

Carol witnesses the killing of Mrs. Neudermeyer by a machete weilding wolf.

Jessie and Sam hide in the closet with a gun. Carl and Enid sit back to back protecting the house and Judith. Alexandrians are getting slaughtered brutally. Spencer shoots at the semi truck that smashes into the walls and we hear the horn that drew our walkers off the path last week. It was the Wolves!  (Nah! It wasn’t Gabriel!)

Morgan returned and stopped the horn. Deanna and Spencer stayed outside to not need to be saved. An interesting choice by Deanna. Morgan was dealing with some Wolves when Carol stepped in and took care of them quicker. He told her she didn’t need to kill them.

Jessie. The Walking Dead - AMC
Jessie. The Walking Dead – AMC /

Jessie made a kill that was reminiscent of Carol killing pre-walker Ed. Aaron, Maggie, Rosita and Carol, killed many of the intruders while Morgan talked some into running away claiming they didn’t choose that life. This cryptic line may be important at some future time.

Morgan stopped to save Gabriel from a Wolf. Carol was going to leave him. Carol armed Gabe and Morgan, who told each other they aren’t good with guns.

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

While wiping the W from her forehead, Carol noticed the red A stamped on Sam’s porch. Poor Aaron found the backpack that he left behind that led the Wolves to Alexandria. Dr. Denise lost Holly on the table.

The Wolf Morgan didn’t kill the last time told Morgan “you cant, can you?” After he told Morgan, “You should have,” Morgan apologized, swung his stick and the screen went black.

Carol and Morgan crossed paths on the streets of Alexandria without a glance at each other.

Enid left. But she left Carl a note with her JSS message.

Just. Survive. Somehow.

Out There

Spencer asks Rosita about how it is out there. He wonders if what they experienced today was what their group has been living all this time. She says pretty much.

Episode 2 set the scene to continue with action, thrills, apocalyptic drama and excitement. This should be an amazing season with great character interaction and growth.

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