Walking Dead S06E02 Review: Carol’s Run Electrifying, Thrills

Walking Dead S06E02 Review: Carol's Run Electrifying, Thrills Image Credit: Screencapped.net - Cass
Walking Dead S06E02 Review: Carol's Run Electrifying, Thrills Image Credit: Screencapped.net - Cass /

Walking Dead Spotlight: Carol’s Run

Carol’s run across Alexandria illuminated the screen, holstering center stage and keeping it locked and loaded. An electrifying sprint on The Walking Dead, gliding through peril. She owned all 44 minutes of this episode, cradling it gently in her arms. Viewers practically in a childlike state watching a rattle for the very first time. Intrigue at max capacity. Disguised in Wolves attire, reminiscent of Resident Evil 4’s merchant, Carol went on an immaculate frenzy. A rush of excitement delivered direct to the head as wolf after wolf would be grounded, hunt over. Special delivery from CarolEx!

It all started innocently enough with Carol casually telling a youngster to “Get over it,” regarding his father’s passing. These moments, the chemistry with youth is what sets Carol’s narrative apart on the show. It’s startling every time to see a book not match its cover. A sweet exterior extending pre-conceptions only to be knocked off the shelf. Yet, we pick the book up again, already knowing what’s inside. Freshly Surprised, that it doesn’t match. A fleeting divide we understand through reason but not on a basic emotional level.

Carol’s outstanding performance on tonight’s Walking Dead episode was thrilling, passionate, yet tender all the same. For more than a passing thought, Carol appeared vulnerable. You might be thinking it was the moment she took to reflect as tears flowed for the first time in ages. Rather, it was at an earlier segment. When the Wolves first attacked Alexandria, Carol was outnumbered. An unadulterated onslaught carrying on at the new hopeful capital of normalcy.

Tension was slithering quietly into our minds. After having presented Rick Grimes and his crew as practically invincible recently, it was a welcome change to remind us they’re still human. It’s Melissa McBride’s excellence at this role that made us believe that James Bond might not make it so to speak. A throughly difficult phenomenon to overcome for a show now in it’s sixth season. Melissa McBride made us believe it.

Walking Dead Audio Review

Atmosphere of sputtering blood-soaked chaos. The decaying walkers an audio backdrop to the decay of society. Immersive sounds of axes swinging mercilessly, tiptoeing steps intertwined with shots firing rapidly. Jessie hiding behind a door with her son, as the unknown lured in her home felt a homage to the film The Strangers. The soundscape to this episode was a stroll into suspense. Only one noise as grating to its characters as to the home viewer, the never-ending horn. Literally was waiting for Rick to show up and put an end to it.

This Walking Dead episode was a rollercoaster of chilling human barbarity, suspenseful silence tempered with approaching menace. Every hit echoed, shots precise, danger’s volume amped to an 11. As our view didn’t allow clarity, we were left to to listen. Consumed by each noise as run/flight kicked in.

Walking Dead Acting/Writing Review


If you’re looking for an action joyride, this is the episode for you. The moment Seth Hoffman wrote this script, Walking Dead fans were in store for a serious thriller. This is the same writer who penned The Governor’s final showdown at the prison, Daryl’s Beth hospital rescue plan, among other episodes. This Walking Dead episode did not disappoint as fans were treated to Carol’s first-class adaptation. Dancing with wolves.

Emotional Odometer

Anyone else feel for that turtle? The brutality of the tortoise’ demise exemplified the overarching food chain on The Walking Dead. To the Walkers, humanity are the turtles. There was something serene and peaceful about the tortoise leisurely crawling in nature, its natural home. An innocent bystander minding its own business, only to be ravaged by a larger predator. What made the scene immensely vivid and powerful was Enid. It’s one thing to watch Daryl hunt with his crossbow. Think back to Season 2 when Carl experiences pure wonder at a deer. Rick doing his best to let his son have this beautiful moment in nature. Enid does not hesitate for a single second. The adultness of it, produced an uneasiness. A luring omen casting a shadow on a relationship between Enid/Carl.

Character Progression

Alexandra Breckenridge’s motherly, careful Jessie briefly transformed into an unhinged maniac. Retaliating to protect herself and her children, but also in a way letting loose of constricted rage. It was if the cork flew off and Jessie had finally had enough. Breckenridge conveyed a struggling woman losing her children, old way of life. Tired of attempting to swim to the surface, gasping for air, she leaped out. A howling shriek of masterful development. No choice. A sharp contrast to Travis’ character in Fear the Walking Dead. Where Travis’ good-natured pacifism turn to violence was a bit rushed. Here Jessie doesn’t think about the decision or discuss its merits. She simply does, reminding of a certain Ellie scene in The Last of Us. Pushed to the brink, Jessie acts.

Morgan Jones stayed true to his non-life ending ways until the very end. Even warning the Wolves of his group’s capabilities. A lapse of judgement, perhaps, but true to Morgan’s present state nonetheless. Finally upon meeting the first wolf he encounters, after being mocked, he seemingly vanquishes the Wolves’ leader… Or does he? Morgan did say “Sorry,” but it’s difficult to say. Personally, I hope the Wolves leader remains alive, as he’s a strong character to eliminate this early.

An escape from Alexandria would do wonders for the Wolves top ringleader… And Morgan. A mistake allows for internal debate, as he experienced when one of the wolves grabbed a weapon during his escape. The Walking Dead should always be cautious at vanquishing characters too quickly, stifling future potential.


Dr. Denise Cloyd’s patient loss scene was incredibly powerful. Throughout television history we witness doctor’s coming through at the very last second. We even receive encouragement from Tara and Eugene here, you can do this. Then the sound of flatline grips us out of comfort, its tone without melody. Reality sets in. When Dr. Denise pulls the cable out of the machine, the air is sucked out of the room. There are few things worse in life than being someone’s pleading last hope, all they have left… And letting them down. She did all she could you can say. Dr. Denise believed in herself, and gave it her all… Yet, the result will irreversibly shatter her confidence. Haunt her dreams. The one she couldn’t save.

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