The Walking Dead: Questions about Morgan, Alexandria and more

Aaron. The Walking Dead - AMC
Aaron. The Walking Dead - AMC /

If you’re anything like me, you don’t just watch an episode of The Walking Dead on a Sunday and call it a day. You watch Talking Dead, you re-watch, you think about it and thoughts pop up at random times. You hear lines in new ways in the re-watch. You come up with theories and questions as the week goes on. You even think about the series as a whole. Things reveal themselves as new events take place.

Father Gabriel Stokes and Carl Grimes, The Walking Dead - AMC
Father Gabriel Stokes and Carl Grimes, The Walking Dead – AMC /

That has happened to me so much lately with the start of season 6 that I thought I’d put all my random thoughts and questions out there for The Walking Dead family and our Undead Walking readers to consider and maybe even help me relieve some of my brain stress and answer some of my questions with your ideas and theories.

  • Spencer wondered if the crazy day was how life was out there. Did Aaron and Heath and others who went out there never share how bad it can be? Or maybe they did and that’s why Deanna wanted experienced people?
  • Where did the Alexandria cut and run philosophy come from? Fear? Keeping the community safe and sheltered?
  • Why would the writers and producers wait 5 years to bring back a beloved character to make him disliked? Is there a bigger plan for Morgan? Will his philosophy help with the stories of Gabriel or Michonne or Abraham? Or perhaps even do something for Rick and Carol that we don’t see coming?
  • Are Rosita’s words about having something to die for more important than they seemed? They may be a huge theme?!*
  • This is a story of survival and what happens to people in these dire circumstances after long periods of time. Could the lessons be more varied and gray than we think?
  • How will Eugene help himself to stop being a coward? He helped Dr. Denise.*
  • If your family member were a weaker person, would you want them to be protected? Would you feel differently about Nicholas or Gabriel or Eugene if one were your brother or son?
  • I wonder if the Wolves wiping out lots of Alexandrians is like the flu wiping out lots of prison residents. It might bring the Alexandrians and our group closer together and make the 2 groups become us rather than us and them, a big theme of the last two seasons. *
Heath. The Walking Dead - AMC
Heath. The Walking Dead – AMC /

I think I may need to write about some of these as their own topics, now that I’ve written them down. I will mark those topics with an asterisk right now!

Please share your questions and things you wonder about during the time between episodes. By all means, if you can answer any of my questions, please do!

Side note: The Walking Dead infiltrates every aspect of life! Recently, my moving man was named Tyreese. And my cable guy was a Walking Dead fan. You can’t escape!

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