The Walking Dead: Rosita’s line reveals major themes

Rosita and Spencer. The Walking Dead - AMC
Rosita and Spencer. The Walking Dead - AMC /

Rosita doesn’t have many lines on The Walking Dead, but like T-dog, that doesn’t mean she’s not important. She had a line this week that reveals major themes in the show. One theme is not just for season 6, but for the entire series-pretty important.

The town of Alexandria had a pretty rough day while the majority of the group was out on a dry run practicing for the Walker parade of the year. The town was unaware that the dress rehearsal had become opening night. But that’s neither here nor there.  The Wolves took advantage of this opportunity to infiltrate the town without knowledge that Darth Carol was in residence.

This group.  Abraham.  This place.  Make sure you got something worth dying for.

Spencer and Rosita had a chat at the end of the day about how things are out there and how you go on knowing that. Rosita tells him in her own words-Abraham and Alexandria…things worth dying for. Those are big words! Big themes! More of the letter A! Alexandria and Abraham!

Abraham Ford and Rosita Espinosa. The Walking Dead - AMC
Abraham Ford and Rosita Espinosa. The Walking Dead – AMC /

The first theme is Abraham. This is a theme for the entire series. Something worth dying for. Worth fighting for. Worth ending your sentences in prepositions for! Survival. The word itself is all about life. Sur- in latin is over, above, in addition. Viv- is life. We need something in addition to just life. We need something to make life worth it.

The second theme is Alexandria. Us and them. Us and them for so long meant living vs. walkers. Our group vs. their group. We needed to take over Alexandria for us. Now with Rosita saying Alexandria makes her life worth living, it shows a turning point. Them is now us. Glenn tried to make it happen. Michonne wanted it. Now Rosita stated it plainly. Our group and Alexandria are no longer us and them. They are one. Us.

Rosita Espinosa. The Walking Dead - AMC
Rosita Espinosa. The Walking Dead – AMC /

Us has gone back to the living who are willing to fight against the undead. Them is once again the undead and now those who aren’t willing to try, to learn and to work toward fighting to survive. Anyone who threatens the survival of the good living people.

Gracias, señorita Espinosa for revealing two major themes of The Walking Dead for us while chatting with Mr. Spencer after a hard day defending our Alexandria home.

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