The Walking Dead: Predictions for season 6 episode 3 [polls]

Wolf. The Walking Dead - AMC
Wolf. The Walking Dead - AMC /

The Walking Dead enters episode 3 of its sixth season and we look ahead to make some predictions as to what we think may or may not be in store for us. We saw essentially the same time period in the last two episodes (in addition to some flashbacks) from Alexandria and from out at the quarry where dry run for the mission was to take place.

The dry run became a live performance as one of the trucks fell causing an unanticipated issue with the walkers. Although there was much chaos, the plan seemed to be working until the horn from back in Alexandria pulled the walkers off the trail.

Carol. The Walking Dead - AMC
Carol. The Walking Dead – AMC /

Back in Alexandria, the people who stayed behind during the dry run became prey for the Wolves. During the attack we find out the horn that drew the walkers was from the Wolves. Carol shed her Harry Potter invisibility cloak and made quick work of the wolves. Morgan returned from the mission to locate the noise.

What will happen next? Now that the horn has stopped, will our warrior group be able to reherd the herd?

What will happen with Carol uncloaked?

Will our Warriors run into the Wolves?

Did Morgan kill the main wolf?

This adventure will take an episode or two and then it will be thrilling to see where the new Alexandria takes us. How will we protect ourselves from the Wolves who are still out there? How will we fortify ourselves and our town? Will we be able to do so before a new threat presents itself? What’s up with Enid?

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