The Walking Dead: Can you love Daryl Dixon and not riot if he dies?

Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. AMC.
Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. AMC. /

If Daryl Dixon dies, we riot. Is it a threat? A mantra? A prayer? Fans of Daryl on The Walking Dead want Beth’s words to be true. For Daryl to be the last man standing.

Many people think that Daryl is one of the untouchables. One of the people who will never be killed. It would kill the ratings is one of the arguments. All the fan girls would stop watching. I don’t know if that’s true or not. I would hope not.

In any case, I just read an article called 6 reasons Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead should die. It wasn’t an article by a comic reader who doesn’t like Daryl because he takes away parts of other great comic characters or he ruined the “We are the walking dead” speech.

It was written by someone who likes Daryl and it gave 6 interesting reasons:

  • It’s the only shock left.
  • He’d make it awesome,
  • Hell eventually become tedious.
  • The close calls are getting annoying.
  • He can’t replace Rick.
  • That’s the point of the show.

Those are actually some great and very Walking Dead-ish reasons. It would be a huge shock. Think about some of the huge shocks in the show. They’ve made for some of the most memorable and thrilling episodes. The episodes we want to watch over and over again. The ones that elicit the most emotion and feeling and connect us more deeply to the show.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead - AMC
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Which leads naturally to the second point. He’d make it awesome. Whether it be a quick, unexpected and shocking death, or a drawn out one like Tyreese or even Merle, Norman Reedus would make Daryl’s death something epic.

I’m not sure that he’ll eventually become tedious. But it’s possible. The same could have been said of Carol in season 2 and we know that’s not true now. Skipping to he can’t replace Rick. That’s likely true, but irrelevant to the case really, many characters can stay alive who won’t replace Rick.

The close calls and that’s the point of the show. These are valid points. We know that part of what makes the show great is that it’s fearless and realistic in ruthlessly and seemingly indiscriminately killing off the humans the way the walkers would.

The close calls are playing with the audience at this point and unnecessary, if Daryl truly is untouchable. I remember though that when Daryl reached for the napalm pink walker and his fingers went into his mouth, I yelled at the screen, Kirkman is gonna do it. He’s gonna kill Daryl! I am not as confident that Daryl is untouchable as others are.

Daryl. The Walking Dead - AMC
Daryl. Napalm walker. The Walking Dead – AMC /

Back to my title. Can you love Daryl and still not riot if he dies? I think so. I love Daryl. I love his growth in the new world. How he has found respect and how much respect he gives now. How he expresses his opinions in interesting, succinct ways that have to be untangled.

But I think his death could and would have a positive impact on the show and the characters and the viewers if the writers continue to do things for the right reasons and in the right ways. I have a lot of trust in the show. Even when they haven’t done everything the way I liked it, others loved what I didn’t and they’ve always done things with sincere motives and a grand picture in mind.

I hope it doesn’t happen soon, but I won’t riot if it happens. I’m sure I will cry though.

A lot.

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