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The Walking Dead title - AMC /
facebooktwitterreddit does a great after show for The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead each week. The hosts for The Walking Dead After Show, Malynda Hale, Su Castillo, Michael Tiberi and Timothy Rodriguez discuss each episode and take fan questions and comments via #TWDAS (or #FearTWDAS)

They do a special segment with an Undead Walking question. We send them questions from our readers from our social media accounts. They give their thoughts about the question on the air and then our Adam shares his thoughts about the video segment and adds his opinions in an article for our website.

We could use your help every week!  Submit your discussion questions about The Walking Dead on our Twitter or Facebook page so we can give them a great selection of thought-provoking questions to choose from for their segment each Sunday night.

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Feel free to submit questions all week. Any time you think of something you wonder about or would like to have the hosts or Adam discuss, just


us or let us know on



I usually make posts to remind you about asking questions for After Show. But sometimes social media leaves you a little confused as to what that means so I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little more about their The Walking Dead After Show. 

It’s great fun. It’s an extra Talking Dead so to speak. Please consider tuning in. And please consider submitting questions for us each week. It will make their show more interesting and you’ll be on YouTube and featured in an Undead Walking article!

Our deadline to submit questions to is Sunday after the show so be please think of us on Sundays during the show! Give us a great discussion question about the show during the show or right after.

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