The Walking Dead: Are Morgan and Rick friends?

Rick and Morgan, The Walking Dead promotional poster from San Diego Comic Con
Rick and Morgan, The Walking Dead promotional poster from San Diego Comic Con /

“I think their friendship is the question of this season…Who are they to each other? How much do they trust each other? How loyal are they to each other? Are they friends anymore? Were they ever?”

Lennie James talked to BT about Morgan and especially about the friendship between Morgan and Rick on The Walking Dead . That will be the big question during season 6.

The Walking Dead - AMC
Rick and Morgan. The Walking Dead – AMC /

I love that Lennie James said, “Were they ever.” They only knew each other for a day. Their meeting was very significant because of the timing. Morgan taught Rick and the audience about the world Rick just woke up to that day in the hospital. They connected immediately because of their roles as fathers and the fact that they were the only ones left at that time and place.

Morgan is a good person. Rick is a good person. But they’ve not been together to experience things together the way friends do. Rick went from Morgan’s home to being the leader of a group. We don’t know much about what Morgan has done, but we can infer that he hasn’t been in charge of the safety of others the way Rick has.

“Rick wakes every morning and thinks, ‘How am I going to keep this group and people safe?’ Morgan has woken up every morning since he lost his son, with only one concern, himself.”

Morgan Jones, The Walking Dead - AMC
Morgan Jones, The Walking Dead – AMC /

This is an interesting point Lennie makes. They are going to have to help each other understand their motivations and influence each other’s thinking in positive ways if they are going to get along and have a positive effect on each other and the group. If they try too hard to force their own ways on each other, they will end up enemies. And nobody wants that.

Now that Morgan is part of a large group, it will be interesting to see how he gets along with the wide variety of personalities in the group. We’ve already seen a little bit of his interactions with Carol and Father Gabriel. And his first words to Michonne. Lennie mentions that he’s interested in those interactions as much as we are.

“I want to see who (he) is in relation to all of them and that’s the most exciting thing about being back on the job in a more regular way. Until now he’s been Rick’s dirty little secret.”

Morgan Jones, The Walking Dead - AMC
Morgan Jones, The Walking Dead – AMC /

I wonder if Carol, Daryl, and Glenn remember the reason Rick gave for going back to get Merle was for the guns and the walkie-talkie in the bag that he needed to communicate with Morgan. And the note they left for Morgan on the car when they left for the CDC.

I hope that Morgan and Rick become friends. I believe they had a deeper start to a friendship than most and that the apocalypse and the emotional intensity of the situations that have experienced together have given them a greater chance at a meaningful friendship than many people get the opportunity to have.

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