The Walking Dead: Talking Dead Recap Episode 3 Season 6

Chris hardwick talking dead
Chris hardwick talking dead /

We joined Chris Hardwick on Talking Dead after an intense and emotional episode of The Walking Dead. The show was not a lively one as it is many times because of the nature of the episode being discussed.  Guests Yvette Nicole Brown and Damen Lindelof were quite subdued. The first reaction all around was denial.

Chris said he has spoken with Scott Gimple many times and he says these decisions are hard. Chris commended him for always thinking of the story. Scott Gimple even sent a note to Talking Dead essentially saying that this is a hard story to tell. In some way we will see Glenn in some way to complete the story. Perhaps a flashback or a mention, but something to resolve the story.

Dumpster scene, The Walking Dead - AMC
Dumpster scene, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Yvette Nicole Brown talked about how when the group entered Father Gabriel’s church they all saw different things. She said Glenn saw Galatians 6:9 – Let us not become weary in doing good.  She commented that Glenn has never become weary in well-doing. He has stayed true to who he is and always helped and given chances.

More highlights:

  • Chris Hardwick mentioned that he related to Glenn as someone who was a regular kid and a nerd. Someone who was bullied and wouldn’t want to become the bully.
  • In Memoriam: lots of walkers, lots of Wolves, Sturgess, Annie, David, Nicholas, and Please don’t let this be true (they didn’t list Glenn’s name).
  • Damen talked about celebrating Scott for saying something and for doing something that would cause a reaction and he wants to put his faith in the show.
  • Michonne! Danai gave a little behind the scenes information about her talk with Heath and the guests on the couch talked about Michonne talking to David.
  • Yes, that was Greg Nicotero playing a walker in this episode. This was his 5th walker appearance in the show.
  • The present for the question-asker got the actual hat from Sturges, the actual note from David, a pocket watch, and tissue.
  • Wow! They are looking for actual superfans like you and me to join Chris on the couch for Talking Dead! Go to TalkingDead.Com for more information!
  • They are showing fanart and cosplay each week. This week was a picture of Michonne. Go to TalkingDead.Com for more information about that as well.

Next week we have a 90 minute The Walking Dead that looks to be Morgan’s back story so it might be 2 weeks until we see what is going on with the herd and Alexandria.

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