Walking Dead S06E03 Vote or Veto Preview: Enid a Wolf?

Walking Dead S06E03 Vote or Veto Preview: Enid a Wolf? Image Credit: Screencapped.net - Cass
Walking Dead S06E03 Vote or Veto Preview: Enid a Wolf? Image Credit: Screencapped.net - Cass /

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve gathered here in Capitol Hill to vote on important issues effecting every day Americans. Ruining their sleep on a daily basis.

The Walking Dead’s Enid… Is she a member of the organization known collectively as the Wolves?

Let’s open up the floor. Each one of you can vote yes or turn in your veto. We’ll now turn to the house speaker regarding this suspicious turn of events in Alexandria.

The Walking Dead: Vote or Veto:

Is Enid a Wolf?

Vote YES: We have reason to believe Enid is connected to the Wolves’ recent ambush. We have witnesses testifying to seeing Ms. Enid very clearly eat a turtle’s head. In most cases, this indicates a lack of sound judgement. The tortoise had no say in the matter. Unfortunately, without close relatives the tortoise will be unable to file litigation for damages. Judith might be utilized by Ms. Enid as a bargaining chip much to the regret of Grimes Jr. Who appears invested emotionally and lacking clarity on the situation. The Wolves’ appeared to have intimate knowledge of Alexandria’s structure, this was no coincidence. They had an ‘in’, a fix in the game.

Were Tara and Eugene right to push Dr. Denise Cloyd?

VETO: Dr. Denise Cloyd was visibly startled at the sight of her duties. She was in no condition to pursue surgery of any kind. Forcing the issue only subjected the patient to unnecessary anguish and pain. If Dr. Cloyd can not handle the responsibilities of being a medical practitioner, she should be relived of all duties effective immediately. As she becomes no better than a civilian with WebMD knowledge and a scalpel.

Is the Wolves’ leader still alive?

VOTE YES: If Mr. Morgan Jones is true to his word, we’ll be seeing more EDM trucks in the future. Mr. Jones’ actions letting one of the assailants run off will have a rippling effect moving forward. They will be back. It’s only a question of when, rather than will they? Governor Rick Grimes should hold Mr. Jones accountable. However, if the Wolves’ leader remains in custody, Mr. Grimes can set up an interview. 24 Jack Bauer style. Find out what he needs to know.

The Walking Dead TV Ratings

– Last week’s the Walking Dead episode scored a 6.2 rating in the 18-49 age demographic according to TVbytheNumbers. The Walking Dead surpassed 18-49 viewership for the Democratic National Debate and Monday Night Football. Quite a feat. Where’s the Emmys? Seriously.

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