The Walking Dead: Michonne schools Heath the way she schooled Carl

Michonne. The Walking Dead - AMC
Michonne. The Walking Dead - AMC /

My girl Michonne! Michonne doesn’t get stand alone episodes on The Walking Dead.  Or does she? Clear was a Morgan episode, right? Thank you was a Glenn episode, right? Maybe. But both were Michonne episodes.

Michonne laid out major themes and started important relationships in both episodes. She revealed important information about herself and peeled away some layers of her own story for the audience in both episodes. She schooled an overconfident character in both episodes. Let’s look at her schooling!

Her lesson to Heath was emotional and stern and beautiful. Her lesson to Carl was as well. Her lesson to Heath was more adult and revealed much more about herself and what she’s experienced than the succinct words she used to get her point across to Carl, but the bottom line was the same. “No more bullshit. This is how we get it done.”

Michonne and Carl. The Walking Dead - AMC
Michonne and Carl. The Walking Dead – AMC /

Carl was being a kid. He was acting out. He was trying to show Michonne that he didn’t need her and he wanted to get that picture of his mom for Judith on his own. Michonne didn’t have time to give him long explanations that he wasn’t old enough to understand. He needed the parental limitations of a plain, No. With an understood, pout all you want, the answer is still no. 

Heath is an adult. But he was acting out, too. Poking at her with little verbal jabs. But she couldn’t take the time to explain things to him. Her message of no more bullshit came with an understanding that he’s been out there, but not as out there as she’s been. She had to reveal parts of her that as she said “made her afraid of herself”.  

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

Her no more bullshit didn’t come with condescension. It was not a contest of who’s had it worse. It was, you don’t know…you think you do, but you don’t. I don’t think I’m better than you. I’m trying to help you. It was very similar to Glenn’s exchange with Nicholas. “Are you threatening me?” “No, I’m saving you.” 

Both Heath and Carl figured out on their own soon after their lesson from Miss Michonne that she is like every great teacher. She cares about her students. She’s not always right, she’s just doing the best she can. She’s trying to help. She’s had some experiences and made some mistakes that just might be helpful if you let her share them.

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