The Walking Dead: S6E03 Recap

Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead - AMC
Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead - AMC /

The Walkers and The Wolves have not stopped threatening the folks in Alexandria since season 6 of The Walking Dead premiered a few weeks ago. The Alexandrians brought Rick’s group in to help them survive. They had no idea that the threats would start coming like this and they would need this group more than ever.

Father Gabriel told them the group was dangerous. From a sheltered point of view, they seem to be. The Alexandrians seem to agree. They have been fighting Rick and these crazy, dramatic, outlandish people every step of the way. Tonight they have started to say, “Thank you.”  One person said it out loud, a few others said it with looks, deeds and understanding.

The herd has become out of control. Rick has changed the plan. He is going to go for the RV and try to draw them back. He wants Michonne and Glenn to get Heath, Scott, Nicholas and the other Alexandrians back to Alexandria.

Michonne, The Walking Dead - AMC
Michonne, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Heath overhears Rick tell Michonne and Glenn that all of the Alexandrians won’t make it. That Glenn and Michonne must make it. The Walkers are a huge threat. They get a few of the Alexandrians right off. They bite others. Annie hurt her ankle. Scott gets shot in the leg. The little group was limping, literally and figuratively.

Michonne and Glenn made a great team of leaders. An Alexandrian named David who was bitten told her a story about his wife that he met when Aaron found him and brought him to Alexandria. Michonne was a good listener. His story mirrored her own. He had lost himself. His new friends brought him back, just like Andrea, Rick and Carl did for Michonne.

Heath had been poking verbally at Michonne all day. Finally Michonne let him have it. She let him know why Rick says the things he says. How Heath’s experiences, while more than the average Alexandrian and braver than Nicholas’ cut and run philosophy don’t even compare to being out there non-stop. She makes a great speech and Heath finally gets it when they have to leave people behind.

Glenn helped Nicholas realize he wasn’t the guy he used to be. He had him help with planning. He helped him kill a walker that was a guy that he had left while out on a run when he and Aiden panicked and didn’t know better.

The walkers are closing in. They are going to set a building on fire to distract the walkers. Glenn goes off by himself, takes out his pocket watch and tells Rick about the plan on the walkie-talkie. Sad foreshadowing and reminiscing comes in the form of a cute comment. “Good luck, dumbass.”

Glenn Rhee, The Walking Dead - AMC
Glenn Rhee, The Walking Dead – AMC /

The plan goes terribly wrong. Walkers everywhere. Nicholas with no way out, opts out, with his gun to his head, thanking Glenn for being a good person. Thanking him for making him a better person. Thanking him for giving him the opportunity to see things differently before the end. Then Nicholas blew his own brains out. “Thank you.”

As Glenn caught Nicholas’ falling body, Glenn fell with Nicholas into the of the heap of walkers. Blood everywhere. Walker arms and fingers lurching and reaching toward the scared screaming beautiful, kind pizza delivery boy.

They hear gunfire back home and Rick tells Abraham and Sasha that going back now because they are afraid would be for themselves. Moving forward is actually for Alexandria. Daryl, who had left Sasha and Abraham to go back to Alexandria to help, turned around to rejoin them, realizing, they had to make this work.

Our cliffhanger this week is Rick in the RV that won’t start after he is attacked by The Wolves and vanquishing them. One of the Wolves even had a jar of baby food in his pocket. Daryl is no longer headed that way. Michonne, Heath and Scott are already back in Wolf-torn Alexandria. Walkers are coming toward the RV and Rick looks scared.

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