The Walking Dead: Why? Some possibilities

Nicholas and Glenn. The Walking Dead - AMC
Nicholas and Glenn. The Walking Dead - AMC /

Last night on The Walking Dead we likely lost one of the most beloved characters of all time. However, the Internet is in denial and still thinks he’s alive. If he is indeed dead, what could be the reason for the writers to do such a thing to us?

I have a few thoughts. They could be way off the mark and they don’t help it to not be true. But we all process grief in our own way. This is my process.

Spoilers from Season 6: Episode 3

The writers usually say the story was somewhat finished. What does that mean? They don’t mean that the character had no more reason to live or no more stories to tell. But for whatever reason in the big picture of the writers’ story, the end of this character’s story makes sense to them. Somehow.

So how could this make sense to them? I don’t know their big picture, but perhaps Nicholas was Glenn’s greatest achievement. Maybe he’s the lesson that will stick with the Alexandrians and with Rick, Maggie, Tara and Eugene to help further the story somehow.

Nicholas and Glenn. The Walking Dead - AMC
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

Perhaps they wanted to pre-empt and take away the whole anticipation of Glenn dying from the barbed wire wrapped bat of Negan. Lucille and Negan are coming eventually and now, if Glenn is really gone, we know it won’t be Glenn who receives the Lucille love. (I don’t read the comics…just heard rumors of the worst-kept comic secret).

I don’t know what the writers have in store for us. I am someone that usually just goes with the flow and takes it as it comes with the stories they give us. I try to put my trust and faith in the show that I love. It usually has our best interests in mind. It’s been fearless from the start. It can’t stop being fearless now just because it will break our hearts.

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