The Walking Dead: Olivia represents shift in Carol’s attitude toward Alexandria

Walking Dead S06E02 Review: Carol's Run Electrifying, Thrills Image Credit: - Cass
Walking Dead S06E02 Review: Carol's Run Electrifying, Thrills Image Credit: - Cass /

On The Walking Dead Carol hid within Alexandria in her floral cardigans baking casseroles and cookies because it made her invisible. It made her invisible because it made her just like the other ladies of Alexandria. Or so she thought. She once said that the people of Alexandria are like children and children like stories so that’s why she lied to them.

Ironically, the one person that she talked to honestly, like an adult, and who saw through her invisibility cloak of floral sweaters was an actual child. Sam needed honesty from her to feel safe. Not from the walkers outside the walls. From the monster inside his own home.

Carol. The Walking Dead - AMC
Carol. The Walking Dead – AMC /

When the Wolves came, Carol was forced to hide from them by cloaking herself in Wolves’ clothing. In more irony, the Wolves’ clothing hid her from the Wolves, but exposed her true self to the people of Alexandria. She was invisible to one group, but a confusing, flashing light to the Alexandrians.

In so exposing herself, and in more irony, the children that she had such a low opinion of before, rose in her eyes as more difficult losses. Poor Mrs. Neudermeyer, who wouldn’t have been outside smoking if she weren’t trying to impress Carol to get future noodle making lessons. Erin, her recipe buddy who called her a hero.

Morgan was a disappointment to her, and Father Gabriel wasn’t even a consideration. His life not even a thought on the way to get more guns.

Olivia. The Walking Dead - AMC
Olivia. The Walking Dead – AMC /

Olivia was a turning point. She didn’t treat Olivia like a child. She didn’t tell her a story. She didn’t dispatch of her to protect her invisibility secret. She didn’t threaten her like she did with Sam. She empowered her. She gave her a gun and a quick lesson. She trusted her. She considered Olivia worth protecting and capable of protecting. Not only herself, but the community. Their community.

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