Walking Dead Halloween Costume Tips from Josh McDermitt


Halloween and The Walking Dead are a perfect fit. Cosplay is already popular at Comic-Cons. And walkers are perfectly spooky! If you want to combine Halloween and The Walking Dead, Josh McDermitt has some tips for you to make your costume skyrocket in the ratings!

Josh gave his best advice to HollywoodLife.com. According to Josh, the key is going for the unexpected and paying attention to the tiny details. So instead of doing what’s been done before, go for a different look. Maybe pick a different scene from the show and go for that look.

The Walking Dead - AMC
Constable Rick and Michonne. The Walking Dead – AMC /

For example, if you’re going as Rick Grimes, maybe do the hospital Rick, Constable Rick or Terminus Rick. Carol has so many options now! The Wolf Carol is sweet! Or Laura Ashley floral cardigan Carol.

We did a fun game on social media recently where we challenged people to come up with costume ideas that were not walkers or characters. The ideas were very creative. Giant cans of pudding, the Terminus map, a can of Crazy Cheese, Nebraska, a welcome mat…you get the idea.

"“What I enjoy most is seeing the small, little details. You wanna be Rick? Let’s see Rick with the tape all over his face and the cuts from getting in a fight with Pete and flying through a window. Or let’s see Daryl with the poncho, or some other turn on these characters. So if I could offer up advice so you could win a costume contest at your Halloween party or at work, lets pay attention to the tiniest of details. Let’s find these smaller looks that these characters have portrayed on the show as opposed to the same looks we’re always seeing. And that’s just from a fans point of view myself.”"

There’s still plenty of time to get your Halloween costume ready for Trick or Treaters or for costume contests, work dress-up or parties. Wherever you plan to show off your Walking Dead swag. Remember think simple, but focus on little details. My tip is to try Goodwill stores!

P.S. You can always go for quotes. Try wearing disposable razors and a little dolphin stuffed animal or even printout attached to your t-shirt as a last-minute idea.  Or the Declaration of Independence with a big line through it. I’ll let you figure those out on your own. You won’t win the contest, but you’ll get a laugh from fans.

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