Norman Reedus may find new fans on his new ‘Ride’

Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead - AMC
Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead - AMC /

Norman Reedus is going on a new ride: Ride with Norman Reedus.  Daryl Dixon rides a motorcycle on The Walking Dead, but Norman is also a biker. The show will be unscripted and premiere in 2016 with 6 episodes on AMC.

It sounds like a great concept. Norman and one of his pals, a friend, an actor, a musician, etc. will take to the road on their bikes and make stops along the way. Norman’s passion for motorcycles will be reflected in his partners, the stops and everything about the show according to Deadline and Joel Stillerman, president of original programming and development for AMC and SundanceTV.

"“He is an avid rider and aficionado who is deeply immersed in motorcycle culture. There is also nobody more fun to hang out with. This show will bring those two elements together for a weekly ride into the incredible world of motorcycles and the people who live and breathe them.”"

This seems like a winning formula. Norman is a very charismatic personality. He’s an enigma of sorts. I think he’s somewhat introverted like his character Daryl Dixon, but comes alive when he’s with his friends and fans one on one.  Riding a bike gives him the solitude and recharge time that introverts desperately need.

"“I’m incredibly excited and thankful to AMC for giving me the opportunity to share a passion of mine with our fans, and hopefully a whole new audience. I had a lot of fun filming and exploring, and I hope it shows,”"

Back when Norman made the trip to Nashville on his bike for the CMT Music Awards, it was a blast to watch him through Twitter stopping at McDonald’s and local places taking selfies with fans. This new show will take that to a whole new level and add biker culture to the mix.

I think the show will be a huge hit among a wide variety of people. It will draw Daryl Dixon fans and as Norman is hoping, I think it will endear him to a whole new group of motorcycle enthusiasts.

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