The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan on Maggie Greene’s losses

Maggie Greene, Tara Chambler, Glenn Rhee and Gabriel Stokes, The Walking Dead - AMC
Maggie Greene, Tara Chambler, Glenn Rhee and Gabriel Stokes, The Walking Dead - AMC /

The Walking Dead is a show where it seems as though anyone can die at any time.  Sadly, no performer on the show probably knows this better than Maggie Greene.

Since being introduced during season 2 of The Walking Dead, Maggie has seen her entire extended family around her die, including her sister and father.  Now, with the recent events on The Walking Dead last week, Maggie’s mental toughness will be put to the test.


Maggie Greene, The Walking Dead - AMC
Maggie Greene, The Walking Dead – AMC /

In the most recent episode of The Walking Dead, Glenn Rhee was dropped into a horde of walkers after Nicholas shot himself in the head on top of a dumpster.  If Glenn is a goner, this would be another crushing blow to Maggie, who considers Glenn to be her husband.

The actress who plays Maggie, Lauren Cohan, has done a great job of showing remorse and emotional pain after each and every loss.  Recently, Cohan spoke with The Toronto Star about her character having to deal with so much heartbreak over the seasons.

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While there’s a lot of “actor speak” in there as not to give things away, Lauren Cohan makes a great point.  The Walking Dead has put Maggie in a very tough situation where she was surrounded by her family and now she’s got Rick’s group to act as her family.  Watching that transition over the seasons on AMC has been intriguing, as Cohan has done a masterful job of telling that story through her emotions.

You can catch Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene when The Walking Dead returns for episode 5 of season 6 on November 8, 2015.