The Walking Dead: Talking Dead Recap Season 6 Episode 4

Talking Dead. 11.1.15. AMC.
Talking Dead. 11.1.15. AMC. /

Talking Dead and Chris Hardwick did the weekly recap of The Walking Dead with guests Lennie James, John Carroll, and Josh Gad sitting on the couch. We started with the deaths.

In Memoriam: Walkers galore, a couple random guys, Tabitha, and Eastman.

John had 5 days to become an Aikido expert. Lennie said the fighting scenes were great. Chris brought up all or nothing thinking of addicts and Lennie talked about how Gimple named it: PTSD. How that is brave because he wasn’t dancing around what so many characters are dealing with on the show.

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There were polls and behind the scenes information and quizzes as always. The stick trainer was Donatella from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Most people thought Morgan would not be able to Eastman the Wolf. Andy Lincoln described the episode as an”Independent art house movie.”

Lennie and John were very complimentary about each other’s skills: Lennie being so expressive and present in his silence and John being able to handle such extensive monologues.

Tabitha, The Walking Dead - AMC
Tabitha, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Tabitha the goat was a big topic on Twitter and Lennie teased, “She’s a fine looking goat!…She’s like the supermodel of goats!” There was some joking about working with animals and animals in the apocalypse.

The fan questioner got the Art of Peace book, goat cheese from Tabitha the goat and a rabbit’s foot.

Chris Hardwick made a very deep thought as a throw away line. He said that Morgan was “trapped in the cell like he was trapped in his mind, fighting gpfighting, fighting, when he could just walk right out.” 

Lennie said that he feels responsible for the attack because he didn’t kill the Wolves, but that doesn’t mean he thinks he was wrong. There are always consequences and people die even on Rick’s side. He thinks he would do the same thing again.

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