The Walking Dead: Will Morgan make Carol face her losses?

Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead - AMC
Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead - AMC /

Scott Gimple suggested that Carol will be dealing with some emotional fallout from the Wolves attack on Alexandria The Walking Dead during Season 6.

When Morgan and Carol were fighting the Wolves, Morgan told Carol she didn’t like it. I had a theory about Morgan back then. Since then, we’ve seen Morgan’s story with Eastman. We know even more now. Scott Gimple talked to Design Trend, suggesting that Carol heard what Morgan said:

“Morgan telling her that she doesn’t like killing will start to worry her. When Morgan said, ‘You don’t like it’ it’s kind of like the thing she didn’t want to hear, the thing that she was ignoring all of this time [amid] all the killing. And then hearing it and feeling it, it’s weighing on her.”

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

I’m wondering if Morgan will make Carol face her losses. It would be really interesting if Morgan made her say names out loud. Eastman made Morgan say Jenny and Duane instead of my wife and son. Rick got Carol to say Sophia, but Carol refered to Sophia as “someone else’s slide show”. At this point, Carol would have to say Sophia, Lizzie, and Mika.

Carol and Morgan are on opposite sides philosophically. Carol isn’t where Morgan was exactly.  Morgan wanted to be killed. He didn’t see any reason to live. He thought the only reason he was left behind was to “clear” for others, Carol has tried to stop herself from feeling in order to do what’s necessary to survive to protect everyone else.

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But Morgan has learned lessons that could combine with Carol’s skills to help her become the perfect survivor. Once Carol starts to believe that her own life is precious and worth protecting and she can accept the decisions she made, she might start opening herself up for help from her friends and accept support.

I’m not going to make judgments or decisions about whether or not she should kill. That’s irrelevant. She needs to deem herself worthy of protection. Worthy of help. Worthy of offering help and empowering others.

Unafraid of becoming visible.