The Walking Dead: Morgan episode was about Glenn-metaphorically

Glenn Rhee, The Walking Dead - AMC
Glenn Rhee, The Walking Dead - AMC /

Many Walking Dead fans wanted to find out about Glenn and not Morgan. But learning about Morgan helped us understand quite a bit about Glenn.

I know. I know. You hate me. But if you’re still here, maybe you’re interested in Morgan a little and how he is like Glenn. Glenn may or may not have consciously decided not to kill humans, but he has not killed humans. He has a code of some kind similar to all life is precious.

“You have to care about yourself; you have to believe your life is precious… To accept everyone. To protect everyone, and in doing that, to protect yourself. To create peace.”

Glenn has always cared about himself. He’s always cared about everyone. He has always been straight forward. He told the group about the walkers in the barn for the good of the group. He volunteered to go into the well. He wasn’t always happy about having to do things, he gave a heavy sigh when Rick wanted him to go back for Merle.

Glenn Rhee and Rick Grimes camouflaged as walkers in the street
Glenn Rhee and Rick Grimes camouflaged as walkers in the street /

Maggie helped him learn to care more about himself and not be a martyr or always be the one to sacrifice by calling him walker bait, but he never gave it up completely or became selfish. He was confident in his skills. He knew he could help the people of Alexandria. He stood up to Rick, and Merle and even Hershel.

He redirected naturally. When Abraham wanted to fight with Rick, Glenn stepped in and redirected Abe’s anger and got Abraham to help the group with Gareth and the Hunters and made the call to join GREATM and leave for Washington ahead of the rest of the group.

He redirected Nicholas. Redirected Tara. He redirected Rick and Daryl dozens of times. That’s how we learned he delivered pizzas. Daryl was impressed with his redirection of the plan to get the bag of guns.

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So many people say that Glenn should have killed Nicholas when he had the chance. I don’t see how that would change the situation. We see that with Eastman. Killing the man who killed his family didn’t bring him peace. You might think that’s bull. But for a character like Glenn, I think it would be true.

Whether Glenn is alive or dead, I think he and Morgan have a lot in common. If Glenn is alive, they could perhaps have some interesting conversations and effect on some of the other characters going forward if they are put together in the right ways.

If Glenn is dead, he got to die just like Eastman, with his code in tact and having changed dramatically the lives of those around him that he touched.