The Walking Dead: S6E04 Recap Here’s not Here

Morgan Jones, The Walking Dead - AMC
Morgan Jones, The Walking Dead - AMC /

The Walking Dead Season 6 continued with an episode focused completely on Morgan and how he emerged from the man in ‘Clear’ to the man who showed up in Alexandria.

He landed in a cell in the cabin of a cheese maker in the woods. The cell that represented his mind and thoughts. He was trapped in his own mind. The cell was unlocked. He had the freedom to walk away any time.

Eventually he did. As he told Rick later in Alexandria when Rick locked him up, “sometimes you’re safer when there’s no way out,”  Morgan knew he needed to stay in the cell if he was going to get out of the cell.

This episode of The Walking Dead was different from any other that we’ve seen. I feel I can’t recap it in the same way that I would recap any other episode. I can’t organize it chronologically or by groups of characters. I feel like I need to organize it by the entirety of its being. These events are not in chronological order.

Morgan Jones and Eastman, The Walking Dead - AMC
Morgan Jones and Eastman, The Walking Dead – AMC /

The Yoda cheese maker was a forensic psychiatrist who lost his wife and son and daughter to a charming psychopath that didn’t fool him, but took revenge on him by killing his family. He built the cell to watch the psycho starve to death, which took 47 days.

When he realized it didn’t work to make him feel better, and he decided to turn himself in, the big ZA hit and that was that. He had already learned Aikido. Before things went bad there was a time his daughter saw him crying and she gave him her rabbit’s foot to bring him luck and make him happy. Signing up for Aikido was his solution.

Mr. Eastman did things like chop off the sharp bloody end of Morgan’s spear to turn it into a staff. Buried walkers with name markers. Told stories that could make you mesmerized for hours.

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Morgan didn’t change overnight. He still wanted to die. When he tried to let himself get killed by a walker, Eastman stepped in and got bitten in the process. Eastmans’s All life if precious philosophy stuck with Morgan after he buried Eastman.

We saw at the beginning of the episode that Morgan was telling this story to the Wolf that he knocked out and locked up in a “cell” in a basement of one of the houses. We see at the end that the Wolf is badly hurt.  He acts like maybe he could become the student to Morgan’s Yoda lessons. That he saw Alexandria might have medicine from the nice pictures.

This act lasts about 3 seconds. Then he turns evil.  He tells Morgan he might die, but if he doesn’t, he plans to kill him and everyone in Alexandria, even the children.  We see Morgan’s internal dilemma. Should he continue with not killing anyone? He knows it won’t bring him peace. But can he live with the consequences?

We see Morgan come outside and we hear Rick scream to open the gates!