The Walking Dead 605: Now – 3 teaser videos and information

Tara Chambler and Carl Grimes, The Walking Dead - AMC
Tara Chambler and Carl Grimes, The Walking Dead - AMC /

AMC’s The Walking Dead told the story of Morgan Jones last week, but it looks like some of the problems regarding the rest of the survivors could be either resolved or made worse in next week’s installment.

Titled “Now”, the focus of the hit zombie survival drama will change to the people of Alexandria.  They will be attempting to put their lives back together following the attack from The Wolves and try to figure out what happened to the group that went to control the massive zombie herd that was in the pit.

Luckily, we got three videos to help prepare us for Sunday’s events.

Up first is the video that aired following last week’s episode of The Walking Dead.  Here is that teaser from The Walking Dead And More 2 on YouTube:

The video opens with Daryl pushing his motorcycle through the woods, past a lot of burned bodies.  Next, they showed Sasha on the radio with Abraham next to her, attempting to contact Daryl.  Abraham says they need to look for him.  We are then treated to sequence of clips, including a car scene, Abraham looking down the hallway of a house with a flashlight, zombies reaching out of cars, and lots of zombies in the Patrick Fuel Company lot (by the way, why is the logo for Patrick Fuel Company an “M”).  It ends with Daryl’s radio being loud as it appears that he’s hiding from someone or something.

The next video is our extended look from the folks at AMC’s YouTube account.

Alexandria is in ruins as Deanna climbs a ladder up to an overwatch where the old R. Monroe nameplate now is affixed.  She looks over the mayhem that had happened in her community while touching the nameplate of her husband, tracing the “R” with her finger.  Turning around, she sees people working to clean up the dead bodies in the town by placing them on a wagon and then taking them to be buried.  She looks away from the cleanup only to overhear a conversation between Rosita, Michonne and Maggie.  Meanwhile, we hear what sounds like Rick screaming to end the video.

The final video is the one that aired during Talking Dead.  Here is that video from Television Promos on YouTube:

The Del Arno Foods truck is still smashed against the wall of Alexandria.  You can hear Jessie’s voice talking bout wanting to be blind to the way things are.  Meanwhile, she is digging graves for those who died in the assault on her home.  Aaron is trying to talk Maggie out going to find Glenn, but she tells him that he can’t stop her.  Jesse is surprised by a zombie pushing on the glass of a house.  It looks like there will be a conflict between Carl and Ron.  It ends with Jessie saying “If we don’t fight, we die.”

You can catch The Walking Dead 605: “Now” on Sunday, November 8, 2015.  Check your local listings for time and availability.