The Walking Dead: Morgan’s altar at Gabriel’s church


When Morgan Jones showed up on The Walking Dead last season at Father Gabriel’s church and found the map to Washington with Abraham’s note to Rick, he made a little altar with 3 items.

When we saw Morgan place those 3 items on his makeshift alter in the disrupted, bloodstained empty church, we knew they likely had some meaning to him, but had no idea what that meaning could be. I’m willing to bet even Lennie James didn’t know. Scott Gimple knew. Morgan knew. Now we know!

Morgan has a Goo Goo Cluster, which I’ve since discovered is a real thing. I thought it was a made up thing for the show, but like the Drake’s coffee cake from Seinfeld, it’s real, and I’m guessing it’s spectacular!  His pal Eastman was a vegetarian,  but was not going to give up his Goo Goo Clusters.

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He has a rabbit’s foot. Eastman gave Morgan the rabbit’s foot that his daughter had given him one night when she found him crying about his job. He heard terrible things that the criminals had done and it started to weigh on him, especially after a few drinks. His daughter told him the rabbit’s foot would bring him luck and happiness. He decided to study Aikido after that.

A bullet. Payment for helping a tired couple survive another day by killing a walker for them. Along with a can of chicken noodle soup. The soup is probably long gone, but the bullet is a reminder of the decision not to kill, but to help. To embrace protecting other lives and in turn protecting his own. Reminding him that the world isn’t over. Reminding him of his progress.

A Goo Goo Cluster, a rabbit’s foot and a bullet.

Sustenance, happiness, luck, protection and progress.