The Walking Dead: Morgan, Do it!

The Art of Peace. The Walking Dead. AMC
The Art of Peace. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Can Morgan practice his Aikido in the world of the apocalypse and still kill? Can he still find peace and protect himself and protect others? Can you believe that all life is precious and still take someone’s life?

I don’t know what they are going to do with Morgan on The Walking Dead. I just finished a letter to Scott Gimple asking that we don’t end up hating Morgan in the end after such a long time waiting for him to return and then watching him having suffered so dealing with his inability to kill his Jenny who then killed his Duane.

Everything is about people. Everything in this life that’s worth a damn.

He then became a killing machine thinking that must be why he was left here and not taken away like the rest of the humans and good people. He must be meant to clear the world of what was left. Surely humans weren’t meant to be left behind in this hideous mess. So he needed to get rid of them all, secretly hoping that one of the monsters or one of those unlucky ones like himself would clear him.

He was a lone Wolf. He just didn’t wear the W. And we didn’t hate him because we knew him. But many of us hate him now, after he met the cheese maker and emerged from the cage a sweet little pet. Not a Wolf. But not a Wolf slayer.

“Aikido means not to kill. Although nearly all creeds have a commandment against taking life, most of them justify killing for one reason or another. In Aikido, however, we try to completely avoid killing, even the most evil person.”

Morgan Jones, The Walking Dead - AMC
Morgan Jones, The Walking Dead – AMC /

These words helped Morgan to find his way out of the cage. But they were written in a time when there was civilization. There was law. Criminals could be locked up. The average citizen wouldn’t kill.

Morgan can justify his killing. All Yoda jokes aside, he tried to avoid it. He’s afraid to go back into the cage. But Eastman told him other things. “Everything is about people. Everything in this life that’s worth a damn.”

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Morgan has lived for almost 2 years with nobody but himself to think about. Now there is a community. That community needs to depend on him. They can learn from him. If he starts to see himself as worth protecting and protects them, he is honoring the preciousness of life. If he makes decisions that start getting people killed and make him go crazy again, he is disrespecting everything that Eastman taught him.

Please, Morgan. Before things go really bad. Do it! You don’t have to like it. But you have to do it.