The Walking Dead: Danai Gurira’ s favorite day and weirdest day on set


Danai Gurira, our katana swinging warrior on The Walking Dead, picked her favorite day and weirdest day when forced to choose from all of the great days on the set of the zombie apocalypse drama.

Weirdest day wasn’t the question, but when talking to Entertainment Weekly trying to recall a best set memory, a weirdest day came up, too. That memory being a memory for Michonne as well. A flashback to pre-apocalypse days. She enjoyed getting pretty for the camera.

“I loved getting pretty in season 4 and having my dreadlocks be all wavy and be all cute for a day. That day was probably my weirdest day on the set. I was like ‘Where’s the dirt? Why are you guys putting eye shadow on me?’ That was weird, but fun weird.”

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Her best day memory was one with walkers. Back after the prison fell and Michonne fell with it. Fell back into her old ways of dealing with her grief. She got 2 pets from the Governor’s squad and blended in again. When she saw a walker that resembled her and realized that she wasn’t really living, she was a walker herself almost, she decided to break free and survive again.

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She sliced and diced all the walkers that surrounded her in a brave and liberating scene. Liberating for Michonne physically and emotionally prior to looking for Carl and Rick.

“I loved the day when Michonne took down all her walkers in that field. And it was a very unpredictable day. Mr. Nicotero just allowed me to kind of improv, killing 24 walkers. That was awesome and exhilarating and a really amazing experience to do — and also at the same time allowing Michonne to go through that sort of catharsis. So that was really, really thrilling for me.”

Please click here to watch Danai talk about those two scenes and about season 6. Season 6 continues on AMC on Sundays.