The Walking Dead: The Art of Peace receives some new reviews on Amazon

Morgan and Eastman. The Walking Dead. AMC
Morgan and Eastman. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Since The Art of Peace: Teachings of the Founder of Aikido was featured on The Walking Dead as part of the beautiful story of Morgan and Eastman, it seems as if some fans have decided to look into the philosophy.

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If you go to, you can see the influence of popular culture on popular culture. It’s evident that some fans have decided to check out the book that made such a difference to Morgan on his journey from feeling that he wasn’t supposed to be here and needed to clear, to his belief that all life is precious.

However, upon closer examination of the latest 5-star customer reviews, we can see that the humor of Walking Dead fans is on full display. A few of the reviewers simply gave it 5 stars and claim that Morgan recommended it to them.  Let’s take a look at some of the more in-depth reviews:

My goat, Tabitha, says this is a solid 10/10. Whenever I’m not making cheese I like to give it to people I hold in my living room and give them a wooden staff to fight zombies and thangs” -Chris

great book will give this to the guy in my living room cage” -Amazon Customer

“All of life’s lessons. This book can get you through the darkest of times when you feel all is lost.I only awarded 4 stars however as the cheese making recipes are not clear to follow at all and my goats cheese attempts have resulted in many failures.” -PIPC

“This book has forever changed my life. What once was a life filled with death, misery, and pain has now become a life of fulfillment, inner peace, and love. No longer must I clear. No longer must I waste away. I shall clear no more.”-Cody

“The book really opens the Mind. And it really makes you understand the true meaning Of peace. A book everyone Should read.”-Amazon Customer

“Before reading this book I was going to kill my arch nemesis with a spear to his neck. After trying the principals taught by Master Ueshiba, I learned to be calm and at ease. In just a few days I went from willing to commit murder to bringing him to my house to live the rest of his life. I recommend adding a chapter about the feeding of old enemies, however, as mine died after 57 days.”-Amazon Customer

“Awesome book. Full of wisdom. Oh, and Morgan sent me too.” -Mario

I can’t be sure, but I don’t think the reviewers actually purchased and read the book.  They did give us good laugh. And a good laugh plus The Walking Dead is never a bad thing.

Although I think this still might be a great item for me to add to The Walking Dead Christmas gift guide I’m working on to be published the week before Thanksgiving. We could all use a little peace in our lives to go along with laughter and The Walking Dead.