The Walking Dead 605: Now spoilers and teasers

Jessie Anderson, The Walking Dead - AMC
Jessie Anderson, The Walking Dead - AMC /

The Walking Dead will be back with the fifth episode of season six, titled ‘Now’ on November 8, 2015.  Here are a list of spoilers and teasers from this week’s installment.

Right now, we have a ton of storylines going on in the zombie apocalypse.  Glenn is missing and dealing with a huge horde of walkers.  Rick is in an RV with the undead closing in.  Sasha, Abraham. and Daryl are out on the road working with walkers.  Alexandria is cleaning up and trying to pull things together after an attack by The Wolves.  And the list goes on.

With all of that on our minds, our friends over at The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook hooked everyone up with a great list of questions and answers from Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead.


Here are the highlights of TSDF information:

Aaron, The Walking Dead - AMC
Aaron, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Maggie and Aaron go searching for Glenn, “but don’t make it”.  I’m assuming they run into some trouble and return to Alexandria.

  • Ron and Carl fight about going to look for Enid.  She took off during the attack by The Wolves.
  • We learn that Maggie is pregnant.  The assumptions on the internet were true!  She’s got a piece of Glenn growing inside her.
  • They make a new plan to herd up the walkers and have Daryl and Abraham lead them away.  The only problem is that they haven’t returned.
  • More from Undead Walking

    Things that DON’T happen in this episode:

    • There is no advancement on the story of the tied-up wolf.
    • Betsy isn’t told about David’s death.
    • We don’t learn how Rick escaped the horde.
    • There are no human deaths.
    • We do not see Glenn at all.

    Some bonuses from The Spoiling Dead Fans:

    • Sewer Zombies!
    • Woman on Woman Kissing
    • Ressie/Jick

    For the full question and answer session, be sure to go over and hit ‘Like’ on The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook.  Huge thanks go out to them for all they do to help us get information on our favorite zombie survival television show!