The Walking Dead: Talking Dead Recap of Episode 605-Now

Chris Hardwick - Talking Dead, AMC
Chris Hardwick - Talking Dead, AMC /

Talking Dead had Alexandra Breckenridge and Zachary Levi join Chris Hardwick this week. The show had a big variety of topics to discuss. They had behind-the-scenes looks, quizzes and polls along with the discussion as always.

Alexandra was a little nervous about the fan reaction to the kiss. She teased about the audience throwing tomatoes. When Chris asked why she said, “Because it’s Rick”  The fans love Rick.

Zachary thought it was a good time for the kiss to happen because she finally understands him. He needed to come back a little. They had a good time joking about green light/red light signs for Rick to go in for his kiss and “is Rick Jessie’s boyfriend” and heart emoji texts and silly things like that.

“Jessie has become one of us.” was a fan reaction read by Hardwick after the break to  help Alexandra relax about fan reactions to her. And they talked about her walker kill.

In Memoriam: lots of walkers and a fun quote about Deanna. “Who’s Deanna. Apparently,  she’s the only one who doesn’t know to aim for the head.”

Maggie’s pregnant! Zach said it was smart that Maggie didn’t continue on to find Glenn while pregnant. He’s not convinced that Glenn is dead. Alexandra teased that there was blood and guts everywhere. Chris said he’s been saying he doesn’t know everywhere he goes.

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Talking Dead will be shown an hour later for the next 3 weeks because of Into the Badlands. Go to TalkingDead.Com for information about entering to be a guest on Talking Dead and submit entries about your Walking Dead viewing parties.

We got some cool behind-the-scenes footage and information about the sewer walkers and their nastiness and skeletal look of the walkers. The fan question asker got a milk crate full of pantry supplies and Deanna’s map. And we got a sneak peek of next week’s episode, which was as cryptic as ever.

Michael Rooker will be on the couch next week along with a pretty lady whose name I didn’t catch. Yes, I said Michael Rooker will be in the couch next week!