The Walking Dead 606: Always Accountable teaser videos

Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead - AMC/Gene Page
Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead - AMC/Gene Page /

Here are the teaser videos for The Walking Dead’s sixth episode of season six, titled “Always Accountable” which will air on AMC on November 15, 2015.

The Walking Dead still has fans concerned about the fates of several characters following Sunday’s episode.  The fifth episode of season six didn’t answer the questions of what happened with Daryl, Sasha, Abraham or Glenn Rhee.

While we will likely still have to wait to find out what happened with Glenn, it appears as though this week’s episode will focus on what happened to the other three characters who haven’t yet returned to Alexandria.

Luckily for us, we have three videos to help prepare us for Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead.

Up first, we have the teaser that aired immediately following The Walking Dead last night.  Flickering Myth on YouTube has that video for us:

In this video, we see Daryl Dixon pushing his motorcycle through the woods.  He’s going past burnt bodies and seems to be either out of gas or just needing to get off the road for a while.  Meanwhile, Abraham Ford and Sasha Williams are trying to contact him on their radio.  Daryl looks to have some blood going down his hand as the scene shifts to what looks to be a suburb of sorts.  Abraham and Sasha are clearing houses and look to even be involved in a car chase seen of sorts.  Daryl checks out the Patrick Fuel Company (whose logo is an “M” for some reason) and sees walkers all over. hiding behind a fallen tree while Sasha speaks loudly through the radio.

Then, we have the teaser which aired during Talking Dead.  Here’s that video from the official AMC YouTube account:

This video focuses on Daryl Dixon and shows some of the same footage that we saw from the first promo.  However, this is likely the video that we’ll see when The Walking Dead starts up before the credits.  Daryl’s motorcycle is looking rough and his clothes are all torn up.  He falls down and gets back to to call Sasha and Abraham on his radio, but there is no answer.

The final video comes to us from Too Far Gone on YouTube who has captured the promo that has been airing in Germany.  This one gives away a lot of the episode, so don’t watch it if you don’t want some mystery as to how the group gets separated and what happened to Daryl.

In this video, Daryl is leading the way for Sasha and Abraham when a group of humans are shooting their guns at them.  Daryl wipes out on his motorcycle, but the other two continue on being chased by another car.  Daryl gets back on his bike, but it’s looking rough and he is visibly hurt.  Two cars take off after Daryl.  Meanwhile, Sasha and Abraham crash through a fence, which stops their pursuers.  Daryl manuevers through some walkers, but Sasha and Abraham’s car is getting shot up by the humans.  The two return fire on the humans and Abraham goes to finish the job with a smile, but Sasha stops him and they run away.

This episode of The Walking Dead looks to be jam packed with excitement and should be a can’t-miss for fans of the series.  Be sure to tune on Sunday, November 15 on AMC to watch “Always Accountable“.