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In the middle of the first half of season 6 of The Walking Dead, Rick yells to open the gates of Alexandria.  As the Alexandrians open the gates to Rick, their eyes are finally opening to what he has been telling them for a while now.

The back half of the herd has made it to the outside of the walls of Alexandria. They have been attacked by the Wolves and now the Walkers are at their gates. Rick has had to run home since the RV wouldn’t start. Michonne has filled Maggie in on Nicholas and Glenn’s plan to draw away the walkers with fire, but they never saw the smoke or a signal.

The Alexandrians are still cleaning up the human wreckage inside the walls and now the walkers are herding up outside the walls. Panic set in quickly. Hope lost. Illusions shattered. The scene at the wall and the supply room like a calm riot. Slow looting.

Rick talked them down at the wall. Aaron confessed to his part in the Wolves coming. Rick reassured them that Sasha and Abraham and Daryl would return and help. The Alexandrians started to see where they had been in denial. Started to blame themselves and think all hope was lost.

Started blaming each other. Pointing out mistakes. Spencer talked them down at the food pantry. They needed to face it. Their eyes had been opened, but they weren’t looking at it. After breaking free of denial, Spencer entered anger by getting drunk and blaming his mother for her lack of leadership and not seeing what was out there.

Deanna spent most of the episode in denial herself. The town painted the names of those lost on the wall as a memorial instead of grave markers. They included Nicholas and Glenn. Deanna forced herself to try to break free by creating a map. A plan for the future of Alexandria.

Photo credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Photo credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

Maggie and Aaron set out to find Glenn. Aaron knew a secret passage underground through the sewer where he thought he could get past the walkers. When they made it to a point where they encountered some gruesome sewer walkers and they could tell it was a dangerous mission, Maggie told Aaron she was pregnant. She made the smart decision of turning back. Taking care of herself and their baby instead of risking her life. She just needed to trust.

Carl and Ron had a push and shove match about Enid. Ron claimed to save Carl’s life by threatening to tell Rick if Carl decided to go over the wall to look for Enid. And tell he did, although Carl didn’t go. Ron then even asked Rick for help learning to shoot.

Jessie made a sweet walker kill. Sweet in both senses of the word. Betsy was a walker inside a house. Jessie opened the door just enough to let her out a little but and gently pressed her knife into Betsy’s eye socket and backed away. She told the town they have to see things. Even though they don’t want to see it. They have to fight or they’ll die.

Sam seems to be waking up as well. Unfortunately, this means for him that he’s become afraid. He’s afraid to come downstairs because upstairs hasn’t changed and downstairs things have changed.

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Deanna makes her first walker kill and similar to Carol and Jessie, she takes out quite a bit of anger on it and confesses that she wants to live and she wants Alexandria to survive. She tells Rick that Alexandria needs him in a move of abdication. But she asks Rick if what her dream was for Alexandria was foolish. He simply says no.

Tara and Denise became friends and shared a kiss about Denise’s excitement over saving Scott’s life after gaining some confidence from Tara who told her it sucks to be afraid.  Denise said it was because the world was over. Tara said that it wasn’t. Similar to Eastman and Morgan. Progress. Progress for Denise!

Rick and Jessie shared a kiss as well. They talked about how things are now and how that doesn’t mean there is no future. And of course a kiss means there is a future.