The Walking Dead casts Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as JD Richter, Extant - CBS
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as JD Richter, Extant - CBS /

Despite rumors that The Walking Dead had chosen Deadwood star Garret Dillahunt, the role of Negan on the hit AMC show has gone to Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

News broke today that AMC has made their decision regarding who will play nefarious super villain Negan on The Walking Dead.  According to a recent article on The Nerdist’s website, that man will be Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Mr. Morgan is best known for his work on the hit film Watchmen as well as other roles in films like The Losers and The Possession.  Fans of the small screen might recognize him from his television roles on shows such as Extant as well as Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Wife, Supernatural, and Weeds.

AMC know how important it is to cast Negan well.  The character has a unique personality and a sense of humor that can only really shine if played by the right person.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan being cast shows just how much faith AMC has in him over other actors who were rumored for the role, like Timothy Olyphant, Matt Dillon, and Garret Dillahunt.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester, Supernatural - The CW
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester, Supernatural – The CW /

The current rumor is that fans of The Walking Dead might get a glimpse of Negan near the end of season 6.  This is because of the casting call that went out a while ago looking for an actor to play a role very similar to the man who is the leader of The Saviors.

Personally, I think he’ll do a fantastic job.  As soon as I typed his name into Google, I recognized his face from an episode of Shameless that I really enjoyed.  After looking up and down his IMDB page, I also realized that I saw quite a few of the projects that he was in and enjoyed quite a few of them.

Congratulations to Jeffrey Dean Morgan on being AMC’s Negan.  Many fans have already been holding their breath for the charismatic madman to make his debut, and now that we can put a face to the name it is even more exciting.