The Walking Dead: Help Walker Stalker get Ross Marquand to host SNL


Ross Marquand of The Walking Dead is not only a celebrity himself, he does amazing celebrity impressions. And he seems to be an all around cool cat. Walker Stalker has started a petition to get Ross to host Saturday Night Live. I think that’s a fantastic idea.

Fans of The Walking Dead know Ross Marquand as Aaron, Alexandria’s recruiter who found our group last season and brought them to the safe zone as “consultants” to help the residents there who knew they needed help to fight the encroaching danger from outside the walls of their beautiful, protected community.

After the initial “stranger danger” and getting to know him and his partner, Eric, we discovered that Aaron was an Alexandrian to be trusted. He even invited Daryl in for a spaghetti dinner and gave him a motorcycle. How bad could he be?

Check out: Aaron recruits Daryl.

To see one of Ross’ impressions, check out this tweet from Ross where he talks about Walking Dead episode “JSS” as a famous celebrity.

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Once an actor joins The Walking Dead family, things change forever. Ross has been a great addition to the family. He tweets with us and attends Comic-Cons like Walker Stalker.

Walker Stalkers recently had Ross join them on a podcast. After mentioning comedy, impressions, and how he had once auditioned for Saturday Night Live, the Walker Stalkers decided to start a petition to get Ross to host SNL.

If you’d like to sign this petition online, please click on this link. It only takes a minute.