The Walking Dead: Why did Ron want to learn to shoot? [DISCUSSION]

Rick Grimes and Ron Anderson, The Walking Dead - AMC
Rick Grimes and Ron Anderson, The Walking Dead - AMC /

Why did Ron Anderson want to learn how to shoot a gun during the fifth episode of The Walking Dead’s sixth season on AMC?

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead had many moments that were very interesting.  The fifth episode of season 6 dropped a couple of bombs on us, but one of the biggest is that Ron is very insecure of his relationship with Enid and doesn’t like how Carl has been spending time with her.

That built up to a confrontation in the street between the two young men, with Ron threatening to tell on Carl to Rick if he decided to go look for Enid.  Following that, Ron did just that, and went to Rick to tell as well as ask to learn how to shoot a gun.

This led to Keyland Jackson on Facebook asking us the following question:

"“Do you think Ron told on Carl and wanted to learn how to shoot in order to get revenge on Carl for his relationship with Enid?”"

The hosts of The Walking Dead After Show on TheStream.TV answered this question for us along with breaking down the entire episode and answering some other fan questions.  Here is what Timothy Michael, Su Castillo, Michael Tiberi, and special guest James Allen McCune had to say:

The hosts of The Walking Dead After Show didn’t skip in beat in responding that they think Ron is crazy.  Su elaborated that doesn’t think Ron believes that he could actually take Carl in fight because of his weak chin and doesn’t trust his motives in being a tattletale and wanting to learn how to shoot.

Su went even further, reminding us of the incident with Ron’s mom Jessie and the member of The Wolves that was inside their home.  Ron stood there watching his mom stab the intruder over and over with scissors and did absolutely nothing.

Carl Grimes, Ron Anderson and one of The Wolves, The Walking Dead - AMC
Carl Grimes, Ron Anderson and one of The Wolves, The Walking Dead – AMC /

James Allen McCune talked about Rick showing Ron all the walkers that were around the walls of Alexandria.  Rick assumed that Ron hadn’t seen anything like that during his life in the community, as they have been sheltered through most of the outbreak.  However, Ron’s indifferent reaction wasn’t missed by Mr. McCune.

Su reminded us that Ron has seen things like this.  Ron was at the pit when he was saved by Rick and Morgan, so that conversation was immediately awkward.

Timothy Michael wondered if Ron’s instability and complexity are due to problems during his upbringing.  We already knew that Pete Anderson was an abusive man, so it is possible that some of the abuse was either observed by or happening to Ron.

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What do you think?  Would you trust Ron to learn to shoot a firearm?  Do you think he is learning that skill for the betterment of himself and the community?  Or do you think he’s learning it out of spite and anger?  Let us know in the comments below.