The Walking Dead #148: No Turning Back recap and review

The Walking Dead, issue 148 cover - Skybound and Image Comics
The Walking Dead, issue 148 cover - Skybound and Image Comics /

The Walking Dead comic issue #148 was released today, here is what happened and what it can mean for the future of Skybound and Image’s graphic novel series.

The Walking Dead issue #148 was released today, and although it didn’t have as many of the shocking moments as some of the previous installments have had, it is setting up a situation that might be one of the most explosive in the history of the series.

Following the mass killing by Alpha to create a wall between the two territories, Rick has been doing his best to keep his people from retaliating without a good plan.  To help calm things, he’s sent Alpha’s daughter Lydia to The Whisperers to keep her safe, with Andrea and Carl escorting her.

Now that we’re caught up, here’s what happened in The Walking Dead #148:

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The conflict between Lydia, Andrea and Carl Grimes fizzled out and the they continued on their way to the Hilltop Colony.

A member of The Whisperers approached Alpha and says that they will not tell that they saw her crying.  Alpha cut his throat and let him die.  Another one of The Whisperers came up to her, and she said that he tried to cross her.

Dwight returned to The Sanctuary and said that he didn’t want to be their leader anymore following his breakup with Debbie and everything going on with The Whisperers.  The member of The Saviors that he was talking to said that he can’t give up now.

The people of Alexandria were really angry at Rick Grimes for not retaliating against Alpha.  The people got so riled up when they found out that he sent Lydia to safety that Rick had to pull his gun and tell the people to go home or he would shoot them.

During the night, Rick went to Negan and asked him for help.  Negan got a sly grin on his face.

The Walking Dead 149 cover - Skybound and Image Comics
The Walking Dead 149 cover – Skybound and Image Comics /

Okay, so Rick is going to team up with Negan to either get his people back on his side or to make a run at Alpha.  This could either be one of the best pairings in the history of The Walking Dead or it might be one of the biggest mistakes that Rick ever makes.  Can he trust Negan to help him?  Has Negan put all the time spent in jail behind him?  It will be really interesting to see how that works out.

Meanwhile, The Sanctuary is struggling with Dwight having problems focusing on being a good leader.  There is little doubt that he’s capable, but his current mental struggles are really holding him back and might have him making some poor decisions in the future.  That community will be one to watch.

Alpha isn’t willing to let others see her emotional side and is as deadly as ever, even with her own people.  How will she react when she finds out that Rick has sent her daughter to the Hilltop Colony to keep her safe?  And what will that mean for the relationship between the three groups?

It looks like we’re setting up for an explosive event in the future.  Don’t miss The Walking Dead #149, titled “The Devil On Your Shoulder” when it is released on December 9, 2015.