The Walking Dead: Checking in with Jordan Woods-Robinson

Photo used with permission from Jordan Woods-Robinson
Photo used with permission from Jordan Woods-Robinson /

I finally had the pleasure of meeting The Walking Dead‘s Jordan Woods-Robinson in person at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta. And if you’ve ever met Jordan, you know he is a dynamic fellow with lots of heart and energy!  Aside from playing Eric Raleigh in the best show on television, Jordan also stays busy performing with Blue Man Group, composing music in his home studio, and podcasting weekly on fascinating topics. 

Funny thing is, I knew a lot about Jordan before ever actually meeting him face to face. Today’s digital platforms and social media allow us to interact with new people all over the world in real time. Interestingly, I have also learned that Jordan has a new business venture launching that is rooted in this very same concept of online collaboration.

He graciously took the time to answer a few questions about this project. Check out what he had to say!

"I understand you have a new music business venture launching on November 11th. What can you tell us about it?“Yes! For years, I’ve hosted an online collaboration called SOS Studio in which songwriters, musicians, and engineers collaborate weekly to write, record, mix, and publish a new song. Now we’re opening it up to the public for our first-ever service for songwriters. We’re an online community where songwriters can distribute their music, share resources and experiences, network with musicians, and record new songs through professional collaborations.”What is the commitment for artists who want to give it a try?“Well, the first 4 weeks are on us so anyone can sign up and look around for free… engage on the forum, learn some new resources, read some materials on business strategies for artists. After that, it’s $5/month to be a member. This includes unlimited distribution of your music to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc., with 100% royalties, access to our forums, a library of curated content on branding, networking, self-promotion, and other strategies for independent artists, and access to our network of studio musicians who are ready to play on your new songs from their professional home studios.”Photo Credit: Jordan Woods-RobinsonIs there a certain niche that this service will be most appealing to?“I mentioned that we’re collaborating online but it’s all done remotely. Each musician on board is a professional freelance player that tracks from their home studio. So a songwriter who doesn’t have a band (or who doesn’t have the money for a brick-and-mortar studio) can send us a scratch track and we’ll add drums, bass, guitar, background vocals, whatever they need to fill the song out. Then our engineers mix and master the track. And then we distribute it to the world so that the songwriter can immediately engage their fans and see profit.”What makes your recording services a better option than traditional recording?“I won’t say better because there’s a reason why millions of dollars are invested into professional recording studios. They can achieve incredible results. But, as a freelance musician myself, I’ve been a part of way too many sessions that hand me a CD afterward and I think, “This is how all that work turned out?” And, at that point, I don’t think it’s about the space you’re in, it’s about the people working alongside you. And that’s what we have… incredible collaborators. I’ve handpicked every person in here and I trust them all fully with my own music. My most recent EP was recorded completely using my service and I love it. We include the songwriter every step of the way so their song is never taken away from them, they are helping us mold it. This is your music, we’re just helping bring it to life.”"

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That sure sounds like a great service, and quite affordable as well.  Thank you, Jordan, for sharing all the details with your fans. We are quite an eclectic group, so I am guessing there are plenty of songwriters in The Walking Dead fan family!

Photo Credit: Tracey Phillipps
Photo Credit: Tracey Phillipps /

I do not know what The Walking Dead has in store for Eric, or if Jordan’s musical talents might ever cross over to his character.  But wouldn’t it be fun to see Eric mixing some rad tunes in some Alexandria basement?? Stay tuned, folks — you never know where the story line might go!

Meanwhile, if you would like to learn more about Jordan’s new recording service, or even sign up for the free trial, be sure to visit his website at And, of course, he can always be found on Twitter @SOSstudioSocial or @jwoodsrobinson.