The Walking Dead 606: Always Accountable full spoilers

Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead - AMC
Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead - AMC /

The Walking Dead will air its sixth episode of season 6, titled “Always Accountable” on November 15, 2015. Here is a rundown of what will happen on the show.

Fans of AMC’s hit zombie survival drama have been wondering what is going on with several character that haven’t been on the show in a couple of weeks.  The Walking Dead has been taking care of other things recently, but this week finally will show what is going on with Daryl, Sasha and Abraham.

Thanks to many of the great sources around the internet, we can now put together the entire episode and know exactly what will happen.  Keep in mind that these are spoilers.  If you read these, you will know what is going to happen on Sunday’s episode.


Daryl Dixon is leading the way with Sasha Williams and Abraham Ford following as they are leading the horde of walkers away from Alexandria.  On their way, they are jumped by several people with guns who open fire on them.  Daryl wipes out on his motorcycle and gets separated from Sasha and Abraham.

Dwight, The Walking Dead - AMC
Dwight, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Taking to the woods, Daryl passes burned down trees and walkers.  He stashes his motorcycle and keeps walking, but discovers that he’s being followed.  He sees two women hiding behind a tree.  As he’s talking to them, he gets hit in the head by a man with a gun.  When Daryl regains consciousness, he’s tied up.  He tries to explain that he’s not a threat to them.  The man, named Dwight, points his gun at Daryl and asks him if he should pull the trigger.

One of the women with Dwight faints and Daryl escapes.  He takes their bag, which has his crossbow in it.  After getting a fair distance away, he looks inside the bag and sees that he took insulin, a medical supply that is necessary.

Abraham Ford and Sasha Williams, The Walking Dead - AMC
Abraham Ford and Sasha Williams, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Abraham and Sasha continue their car chase, but escape after crashing through a wall.  They exit the car and Abraham goes to kill a walker, but Sasha stops him, saying that they don’t want to leave a trail for anyone looking for them.  The two go into an office building to hide out.

Daryl feels bad about taking the bag and returns it to the people who had taken him captive.  But when that happens, a van full of men show up to take back whatever it was Dwight took.  Thanks to Daryl, the group gets away from the men in the van, and he gives Dwight back his firearm.

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Back at the office building, Abraham goes on a run and discovers that a zombie is over the edge of a bridge, but has a rocket launcher on its back.  The former military man tries to get the item while the walker was still biting at him, but gives up.  He then found some cigars and has a smoke.  While relaxing a bit, the walker falls from the bridge and the rocket launcher is left for the taking.

Sadly, the diabetic girl got bitten by a walker and is no longer part of the group with Daryl, Tina and Dwight.  They go to his motorcycle, where Dwight and Tina take his crossbow and his motorcycle, riding off.  Daryl instead goes and finds a van, and runs into Sasha and Abraham.  As they head to Alexandria, a voice over the radio in the yells for help.

The credits roll on this week’s episode of The Walking Dead.  Huge thanks go out to The Spoiling Dead Fans, SpoilerTV, and Gold-zap06 for their information.  It sounds like a great episode and one that will help lead us into a great story, as Dwight is a pretty major character in the comic book universe of The Walking Dead.