Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 – Part 6 [VIDEO]

Flight Attendant, Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 - YouTube
Flight Attendant, Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 - YouTube /

The sixth installment of Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 will air during The Walking Dead: 606 “Always Accountable” on AMC, but here is what happens.

Fear The Walking Dead will be adding one cast member from the short Flight 462 series that has been airing during The Walking Dead on AMC.  Right now, things are heating up in the videos, as it looks as though we might be seeing our first walker soon.

If you haven’t had the chance to watch the first five segments of the story, here are parts 1-5 of Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 thanks to chunga woo woonga on YouTube:

So far, the young man is flying home to meet his dad, a young woman who is skeptical of everything, a somewhat mean looking fight attendant, and there is a sick man in the bathroom.  The man is taking a long time in there, and people are starting to get worried.

Seriously, that’s about it for the first five parts.  I mean, there are some other minor details going on in the video, such as power outage over the city, an air marshal, and others.  But it seems like the focus of the video is the young man trying to contact his family on his cell phone.

Here is part 6 of Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462, thanks to The Walking Dead – France on YouTube:

During this installment, the young man is looking out the window watching the lights go out in the city.  Meanwhile, the flight attendant and wife of the man in the restroom are trying to figure out what is holding things up.  They are banging on the door, but getting no response.

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Suddenly, there’s some banging from the inside of the bathroom.  The quiet woman sitting near the young man says not to open the door, but she is stopped when she jumps to stop them.

The flight attendant opens the door and the man falls lifeless to the floor of the plane.  His wife and the fight attendant quickly drop down to check on him.

This was the shortest of all the episodes of Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462, and it confirmed the obvious: that the man in the bathroom was going to be the one that died and attacked the other passengers.

Make sure to watch The Walking Dead episode 606, titled “Always Accountable” on Sunday, November 15, 2015 to watch this clip when it premieres on AMC.