Walking Dead’s S06E06 Preview: ‘Always Accountable’

Walking Dead's S06E06 Preview: 'Always Accountable' Image Credit: Screencapped.net - Cass / AMC Network
Walking Dead's S06E06 Preview: 'Always Accountable' Image Credit: Screencapped.net - Cass / AMC Network /

The Ole’ Switcheroo

Flashback to April 1, 1998. An entire fanbase of South Park fans clamors to discover who Eric Cartman’s father is. From February 25th’s Season 1 Finale, this cliffhanger becomes the hottest question on television. For months, the promise of the answer looms over an audience. Television Promos promise a resolution on April 1st. Then the moment arrives, and… In classic South Park fashion, they cut away to a Terrence and Philip episode! Not answering who Eric Cartman’s father is at all. April Fools! Despite the hilarious genius of the prank, a good portion of fans become disgruntled and agitated at being baited. The Ole’ Switcheroo.

Cut away to 2015. The Walking Dead’s Glenn, is he alive, not alive? This is all many Walking Dead fans now care about. Until they have the answer, no episode will mean anything. Not Rick and Jessie’s kiss, Maggie’s pregnancy, or Morgan’s martial arts origins. Simply put, is Glenn alive or not? With every episode that passes, they become more and more impatient. Feeling baited again. A weekly April Fool’s joke. Comedy gold.

How long will the carrot on a stick be dangled in front of the hungry audience? The same one that Glenn fell into in the first place. Perhaps with time and no answer, fans will calm down. They’ll start to accept and enjoy the show for what it is, captivated at the story The Walking Dead is trying to explore and its beauty…

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! These days? Casuals will likely tune out and go on Instagram instead. We’re talking about selfies and cat photos here people. Get real. Ratings are on the brink of tanking without a Glenn answer. After all, this is a restless generation with a lot of entertainment options. 9pm will become just another free hour to post exciting photo angles with equally thrilling motivational quotes. Can you feel the ‘likes’ people? Well do ya’ punk?

We’re past the Meme phase. Pretty soon, there will be some hilarious petition on Change.org. Maybe a few angry Walking Dead status updates on Facebook, then its off to the next thing.

It’s gotta be hard to resist the urge to cave in as a Walking Dead show writer or producer to fan whims. There’s always the risk those fans don’t come back. Then again, you have a vision. One before the dumpster ever existed. It will be interesting to see if they carry on that vision… Or adapt.

Walking Dead S06E06 Preview: Daryl Centric Episode

This week, The Walking Dead will focus on the crossbow wielding Daryl Dixon. Daryl’s had a bit of a henchmen feel to his character as of late. His story somewhat taking a backseat to Alexandria as a whole. It will be great to see his character individually progress this week.

It’s a good idea to have Daryl separate from the pack for a while, give time for personal development. He was at his best searching and reconnecting with Merle. A group member and rebel at the same time. It gave Daryl purpose, one that was independent of the group. The Beth storyline was similar in the search aspect, but Merle had that family connection.

Wolf Opportunity Lost

All that buildup by Eastman for the ultimate villain. Then instead of making that villain the wolf Morgan was holding, they literally bury him in the same episode. A wasted chance. Imagine that dark tale being attributed to that Wolf. Eastman said it was the only man he considered ‘evil’. It would have been perfect, Morgan would have a real tough decision to make. At this point my theory is the Wolf is Enid’s brother.

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