Talking Dead recap: The Walking Dead Episode 606

Talking Dead. Michael Rooker. AMC
Talking Dead. Michael Rooker. AMC /

Chris Hardwick hosted Michael Rooker, Paget Brewster and Doug Benson on Talking Dead after episode 6 of the 6th season of The Walking Dead.  Michael Rooker kept things lively.

Michael Rooker is a very funny and honest guest. He also has a habit of deflecting questions or giving very short answers at times. I experienced that when I interviewed him and went to a panel at Wizard World in Chicago.

Michael Rooker confirmed what I always thought, Merle was not a team plsyer. He would have been on his own even within a group. He would have loved Alexandria for supplies.

He asked the audience before the show how many times it takes to stab a walker in the brain to kill it. They, of course, yelled, “one.” He asked how many times Daryl stabbed Merle. Laughter!

In Memoriam : Tina and a bunch of walkers.

Chris hardwick talking dead
Chris hardwick talking dead /

We got to see some samples of submissions for Talking Dead guests from fans.  We had polls and quizzes and other behind-the-scenes information as always and a nice fan art.

All three guests discussed who the group might be. Merle said it’s not the W guys, they don’t have weapons. They discussed who might be on the walkie-talkie.  The audience thought Glenn.

Rooker got lots of questions. He answered that Yondu paid more to a question about who he preferred playing. Michael answered that he didn’t think about the back story of Merle down to the first crime. He laughed and said Merle wouldn’t think taking candy was a crime.

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Abraham and Sasha was the next topic. The fact that Sasha didn’t say no was a big sticking point. Hardwick was more surprised than the others and thought Sasha would just blow off Abraham’s advances more. The others thought the rules have changed. Time is short and he is confident to come across as “hey, I dig you, let’s move this forward!”

Michael Cudlitz in a behind-the-scenes interview said he connects with Sasha because she’s a “warrior” and she’s experienced so much loss and she’s still here.

The fan questioner got a cooler with a severed hand with a watch! The audience got a The Walking Dead Pop-Up Book. (Side note: this book is one of the items in our  holiday gift guide coming out on Nov. 20th!)

It’s hard to believe that there are only 2 more episodes until the mid-season finale and the long wait until Valentine’s day when the second half of the season picks up in 2016.

Don’t forget Talking Dead is on one hour later for those last two weeks to accommodate Into the Badlands. 

Chris Hardwick gave a choked up and heartfelt comment about supporting France ending with “Paris, je t’aime.”