The Walking Dead 607: Heads Up teaser videos and trailers

Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead - AMC
Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead - AMC /

There are four different teaser videos available for The Walking Dead’s seventh episode of season 6, titled “Heads Up” airing on AMC November 22, 2015.

AMC’s The Walking Dead left fans with another big cliffhanger at the end of last week’s episode, but with the midseason finale only 2 episodes away, fans should expect things to really heat up on the zombie survival drama.

Luckily for us, there are four teaser trailers available for next week’s episode, which is the seventh episode of season six, titled “Heads Up”.  The episode is scheduled to air on AMC on Sunday, September 22, 2015.  Here are the four videos to get you prepared for Sunday.

The first teaser video for The Walking Dead 607 comes to us straight from the AMC YouTube account.

Rick Grimes is walking the interior wall of Alexandria.  He’s checking to make sure that the walls are secure and the walkers outside aren’t about to break in.  Meanwhile, Morgan Jones is practicing with his staff.  Rick comes over to set up a talk between the two later and returns to his wall duty.  That’s when he discovers the blood coming through the small hole in the wall, touches it, and then rubs it between his fingers.

Our second preview comes to us from The Walking Dead and More 2 on YouTube.

This video is the “talk” that Morgan and Rick were having.  Morgan tells Rick that all life is precious and that is the concept that made him who he is.  Michonne is also at the talk, and tells Morgan that things aren’t that simple anymore and that he may have to let go of that philosophy is he wishes to survive.  Morgan starts to question whether or not he belongs in Alexandria.  Rick asks him if he can make it now without getting blood on his hands.

The third promo is one of the cut up ones.  This one is from Television Promos on YouTube.

This video jumps around the episode.  It shows Rick walking the perimeter, some of the talk between Rick and Morgan, and a clip of someone in a brown shirt with a pistol tucked into the back of their pants (looks kind of like Ron) walking with a purpose.  We see flashes of many of the main characters, either getting weapons or taking care of loved ones.  After that, walkers are shown pressing up against the wall.  Finally, Rick draws his gun and the promo ends.

Finally, we have the Spanish teaser video from The Walking Dead and More 2 on YouTube.

While this video doesn’t seem to feature new footage from the other teasers, they are arranged in a different order.  Plus, it’s sort of cool to hear the announcers speaking Spanish.

Make sure not to miss The Walking Dead when it airs on AMC on November 22, 2015 with episode 7 of season 6, titled “Heads Up”.  With only two episodes before the midseason break, you know things are going to be heating up on the show, as The Walking Dead‘s midseason finales always seem to be blockbuster episodes.