The Walking Dead: Did you see Daryl’s Cherokee rose walker?


On The Walking Dead the little things are often important to the beauty of the story telling. The little things might be words, lines of dialogue, letters, colors, subtle expressions, or a number of other tiny details that deepen the story in ways that those paying attention can really delight in and appreciate.

Daryl Dixon’s story of the Cherokee rose and the lovely gesture to bring one to Carol when Sophia was missing was a turning point in his character on the show. His abrasive, gruff wall was coming down. The rose a symbol of hope to give the mothers strength.

Now, 4 seasons later, Daryl is lost in the woods and the show sent the viewers a symbol of hope to give us strength.  A Cherokee rose on the back of a mossy walker.

Stephen Vining. Cherokee rose walker. The Walking Dead - AMC
Stephen Vining. Cherokee rose walker. The Walking Dead – AMC /

Greg Nicotero is a master of walkers. I love that he took this opportunity to install this beautiful, tiny, subtle echo to the Cherokee rose while Daryl was alone in the woods on his own trail of tears. The apocalypse itself a trail of tears. We all need a sign to give us strength.

Stephen Vining  played the part of the Cherokee rose walker. The make up was done by Kevin Wasner and Kerrin Jackson. Stephen has played many memorable walkers on The Walking Dead, including one of the napalm walkers and food bank walkers last season.

This season, Stephen was the red tree walker whose intestines were tangled in the tree and who bit Carter. He was also the walker who was trapped in the office with Sasha and Abraham. (And is still pacing there now.)

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Norman Reedus told Entertainment Weekly how things come back:

“[Showrunner Scott M. Gimple] is really good at never wasting any sort of screen time, so everything that happens in an episode will play again in one form or another. He’s got things mapped out so far in advance that every little thing comes back to into play.”

Did you notice the Cherokee rose on the mossy walker? If not, you have something to enjoy adding to your “little things” list on your re-watch. What other little things have you noticed over the seasons.

I so appreciate attention to detail.  I’m constantly amazed by the things I notice every time I watch an episode again or the things I understand better from lines that I didn’t understand the first time I heard them. I love how this show makes me think.