The Walking Dead: Episode 606 Recap

Mossy decomposed walker, The Walking Dead - AMC
Mossy decomposed walker, The Walking Dead - AMC /

Daryl Dixon,  Abraham and Sasha were the focus of episode 6 of season 6 of AMC’s  The Walking Dead.   A mysterious episode that brought the 3 back where they began-on the road to leading the herd away and getting back to Alexandria.

This episode was full of mystery. Sasha, Abraham and Daryl were split up and run off the road by cars and  gunfire at the beginning, Daryl forced into the woods and kidnapped, Sasha and Abraham were stuck at an insurance company.

Daryl was kidnapped by 3 strangers and the strangers were escaping from another mean group. When Daryl managed to get away from the 3, he turned around and went back to them because he saw he had a cooler of insulin in their bag that one of the girls needed.

Things got tangled up and it seemed like the 3 were victims of the other, bigger mean group. Insulin girl got bitten and died and Daryl used the 3 questions on the 2 remaining kidnappers in an effort to ascertain their recruit-worthiness.

Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead - AMC
Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Just when things looked really cool and like Daryl was going to bring the guy and girl back with him to join Abe and Sasha, they turned on him and took his motorcycle and his crossbow. They said they were sorry and Daryl told them they would be!

Daryl found a hidden truck and made it back to Sasha and Abraham who were having their own kidnapping of sorts without the kidnappers. They were held captive by the walkers and being vehicle-less.

Sasha is very calm at this point. She’s worked through her PTSD or is at least working through it. Abraham is drawn to that. He knows he’s headed in that direction. No matter if she’s healing or if she’s still there, she’s useful to where he is.

She is healing though and she’s open enough to calmy lay it out for him. Something Michonne wasn’t able to do for Sasha for whatever reasons at that time. Abraham does do what Michonne did though to face death and decide to live.

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Michonne faced a walker that looked like her and then slayed the pets and the walkers all around and went to look for Carl and Rick.

Abraham went face to face with a military walker, looking hinself in the mirror, and screamed in his face. Screaming at death and deciding to live.

Deciding to trust Rick and the group and accept that there is life now in the end of the world. The world hasn’t quite ended yet. A big theme that has come up quite a bit in the last 2 episodes.

Upon embracing life and smoking one of the Doña María cigars that he found, Abe made his move on Sasha. He told her he liked her no-nonsense style and wanted to get to know her a lot better.

“Help!” was heard on the walkie-talkie.