Fear The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season review

Fear The Walking Dead DVD and Blu-Ray, AMC and Anchor Bay Entertainment
Fear The Walking Dead DVD and Blu-Ray, AMC and Anchor Bay Entertainment /

Season one of Fear The Walking Dead will be available for purchase on December 1, 2015, but here is what you can expect from the Blu-Ray/DVD set upon release.

Fear The Walking Dead is starting out with a bang, as the most popular first season for a cable television program in history.  Lending some of its success from AMC’s flagship program The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead resides in the same universe, but tells the story of a different group of survivors closer to the initial stages of the walker outbreak.

For fans who have missed the first season when it aired on AMC, want to relive the experience, or build their collection of zombie related items, they can pick up Fear The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season on Blu-Ray or DVD when it is released thanks to Anchor Bay Entertainment on December 1, 2015.

The set is composed of two discs, covering all six episodes from season one, as well as some extras.  The real reason to own this collection is because of how brilliant the Fear The Walking Dead is.  The show focuses on a group of survivors, each of them flawed in their own way, trying to figure out what is happening in the world around them.  Telling the story of what happened while Rick Grimes was in his coma on The Walking Dead, we finally got a look at how things fell apart during the early stages of the apocalypse and how people reacted to those events.  The characters take a while to grow on you, but once they do, you’ll be hooked.

Fear The Walking Dead DVD cover art - AMC and Anchor Bay Entertainment
Fear The Walking Dead DVD cover art – AMC and Anchor Bay Entertainment /

The first disc of the collection includes four episodes from season one:  “Pilot”, “So Close, Yet So Far”, “The Dog” and “Not Fade Away”.  There are also subtitles available in English and Spanish for those who enjoy reading along with the action.  Otherwise, the first disc doesn’t offer any new content for viewers to enjoy, but does have a bulk of the episodes from season 1.

Disc two is where all the fun is.  Not only does it include the final two action packed episodes from Fear The Walking Dead’s first season, “Cobalt” and “The Good Man”, but it also has the options for closed captioning as well.  Disc 2 also contains the extras that come with the set, including two special features

Special features include the following:

  • A Look At The Series:  This is a behind the scenes look at what Fear The Walking Dead is from showrunner Dave Erickson, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, and other members from the cast and crew.  Oddly enough, this “look” shouldn’t be watched before you view all 6 episodes of the regular season, as some of the bigger moments from the series are given away during the featured clips.
  • Inside The Characters of Fear The Walking Dead:  Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd kicks off a discussion about who the characters on Fear The Walking Dead are, their relationships to each other, and gives some information about why fans should care about these individuals.  All of the major characters from the series are touched upon, and this is a fun look back at the characters that we’ve already gotten to know during the show’s first season.

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Sadly, there are no commentary tracks available in the collection and the two special features feel a bit light on content.  This feeling may be because of how spoiled fans of The Walking Dead have been with tons of generous special features over the seasons.  However, with the success of the show on AMC, it is likely that future Blu-Ray/DVD sets of Fear The Walking Dead, these features may be available on later sets.

The bottom line is that Fear The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season is a great item for any fan of The Walking Dead.  Its compact two-disc set helps make it an affordable addition to the collection of any zombie fan at a suggested retail price of $19.99 for the DVD set and $24.99 for the Blu-Ray.

Both versions can be found for sale on the Amazon website, already discounted a couple of pennies by clicking the link below:


AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead will return for their second season during 2016.  You can get all your news, opinions, and information here at Undead Walking.