Senoia will host Alexandria and The Walking Dead for another year

Senoia Coffee and Cafe - Credit: Lauren Roberts, 2015
Senoia Coffee and Cafe - Credit: Lauren Roberts, 2015 /

The town of Senoia, Georgia voted that it will host the cast and filming crew of The Walking Dead in the fictional town of Alexandria for at least one more year.

Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Michonne, and the rest of our survivors.  The Alexandrians, and some newcomers possibly named Jesus and Negan. The actors who portray them on The Walking Dead, and the producers and crew that make their stories come to life will maintain residence in Senoia, Georgia for at least one more year thanks to the unanimous vote of the Senoia City Council last Monday.

According to the local Newnan Times Herald, the council voted on November 16th to extend the filming permit until November 30, 2016.

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A few residents presented issues related to traffic and the “walker stalkers”. The folks in the comments of the article generally agreed with Scott Tigchelaar, president of Raleigh Studios Atlanta and developer of the Gin Property, who talked to the council after the vote. “We are the envy of every town around us and probably every town in the Southeast.”

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Tigchelaar pointed to the increased property values and thriving businesses downtown. If you look at the comments from even the few who commented on the article in the Herald, their glowing reviews of what The Walking Dead has done for Senoia could cancel out the few residents who complained.

The commenters point to how much good the filming has done for the small town by bringing in business. There are more restaurants, stores, and customers. In other words, money being brought into the town. They suggested towns around them are hurting and they are thriving and that any inconveniences are worth the benefits.

So we’ll see the area of Alexandria and Senoia filled with walkers and survivors and (yikes) baseball bat weilding villains in season 6. And you can be a walker stalker vacationer for at least one more year.