How many stars do you give episode 607 of The Walking Dead? [Recap and poll]

The Walking Dead episode 607, Photo credit: AMC
The Walking Dead episode 607, Photo credit: AMC /

Let’s see what happened in episode 607 of The Walking Dead and then you will rate it for us out of 5 stars.

First, if you haven’t seen episode 607 of The Walking Dead yet, turn back now! Pretty much nothing but spoilers follow.

In episode 607, entitled “Heads Up,” we finally get to see confirmation that Glenn Rhee did indeed pull himself to safety under the dumpster, as many fans have frantically hoped for the past few weeks. Enid finds him and he tries to have a conversation with her about what has happened in Alexandria, but she clearly doesn’t want to talk about it and runs off.

The Walking Dead episode 607, Photo Credit: AMC 2015
The Walking Dead episode 607, Photo Credit: AMC 2015 /

Back in Alexandria, there are plenty of walkers outside the walls, but inside the walls things are eerily calm. Rick’s giving Ron a shooting lesson, Father Gabriel wants to organize a prayer circle, and Morgan is trying to justify letting the Wolves go when the others weren’t looking. Rosita gives Eugene a tough speech about how dying isn’t what he should be scared of, but that living when others around him are dying is.

Enid turns out to be more than a little hesitant to go back to Alexandria, and when Glenn insists that she come back with him, she pulls a gun on him. She doesn’t shoot him, though, and does end up on the road with him towards their adopted town. Glenn tells her that she’s afraid, and doesn’t fall for her denials. In the end, even that tough teenager sheds a tear over his heartfelt words.

Meanwhile, right after Ron has learned how to shoot, he steals ammo for the gun Rick gave him to hold. This cannot be good.

Glenn and Enid finally make it to the outskirts of Alexandria and are shocked to see the walkers surrounding the walls. Enid wants to give up, asking “what’s the point?” but Glenn refuses to let her.

Spencer makes a brave but stupid attempt to reach a car outside the walls via a climb across a tightrope of sorts, wanting to draw the walkers away from the walls, but his rope gives way and he only barely makes it back inside thanks to Rick and Tara, who were in the right place at the right time.

The Walking Dead episode 607, Photo Credit: AMC 2015
The Walking Dead episode 607, Photo Credit: AMC 2015 /

Stopping to see Jessie, Carol has an awkward conversation with Sam, who still won’t come downstairs, then confronts Morgan about who he’s holding in the cell. As predicted, Ron is up to no good, following Carl down the street with his gun in his hand.

And finally, finally, everyone in Alexandria, including Maggie, sees the green balloons float through the air, the signal that Glenn is alive… just before the watch tower falls down, leaving a huge breach in the wall, through which all those walkers will be flooding in next week.

Well, crap. It figures that that’s where they’re going to leave us until next week’s mid-season finale.

So, what did YOU think of “Heads Up?” Tell us how many stars you’d give it, out of 5, and then put any and all thoughts that you may have in the comments below. Don’t be shy!