Talking Dead Recap: The Walking Dead 607

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Ken Jeong and Gale Anne Hurd joined Chris Hardwick on the couch for Talking Dead on AMC and were joined later by Scott Gimple and Steven Yeun.

Non-disclosure agreement on The Walking Dead means you can’t tell anyone!  Gale Anne Hurd said the badgering for information was pretty bad. So did Chris Hardwick. I can imagine. I’ve received tons of messages on Twitter and Facebook asking ME!

Ken said that Glenn was the incorruptible leader when asked why Glenn was so important to the show.

In Memoriam: loads of cool walkers and Glenn crossed out with green balloons and Hallelujah music and a …for now.

Steven Yeun and Scott Gimple joined on the screen via satellite. Steven seemed overwhelmed. He had been sequestered with take out food and unable to tell his friends and family about what happens on the show.

Scott talked about the uncertainty and how the audience needed to experience the uncertainty that the characters feel in those circumstances. That’s why I love Talking Dead. That’s a really great point that I hadn’t thought about prior to this. Without communication, you just don’t know.

talking-dead-episode-607-ken-jeong-gale-anne-hurd-2-935 /

Steven Yeun talked about the acting process and the humid, hot yuckiness of being under that dumpster for filming, Chris Hardwick read some tweets about Glenn being alive.

Another great point that was brought up by Scott Gimple was how this has created something that used to happen more often, which is that we can talk about TV to strangers. In the days of 3 networks and no cable, I remember that happening more often, too. The Walking Dead seems to create that more in general. Certainly for us at Undead Walking with social media and our blog. But Glenn has heightened it.

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Inside the Dead had some great tidbits. Christian Serratos and Josh McDermitt played Patty Cake between takes to ease the tension since their characters were at odds this episode. They both said they think their characters have a brother/sister relationship.

Lauren Cohan thinks people will be sending green balloons to Steven Yeun for the rest of his life.

My favorite thing, if you know me is the gift for the fan question asker. This season the gifts have been unique and creative. This week: A grappling hook, Spencer’s shoe, and a bouquet of green balloons.

Robert Kirkman plus a surprise guest will join Chris Hardwick next week to discuss the mid-season finale.  It will air one hour later again, after Into the Badlands.  Happy Thanksgiving in the United States.